What to Do in Case of 2012

A friend called me tonight to ask just what’s up with this 2012 business – what’s going to happen?

He’d just heard from someone some doomsday predictive stuff, and I’d told him I’m working on a natal report to support people in preparing for the energetic shifts on the planet. He figured he might as well ask me what I thought before throwing his hands up in the air and deciding there’s no point to doing anything.

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. But he did wonder how afraid he should be.

Regardless of what happens, we need to clear all our bodies of debris from the past to be able to adjust to it. My work has taken a turn, in fact: If people are living, I’m available to help them clear their bodies (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) of gunk. If they’re dead, I’m available to help them transition to where they’d probably rather be (I also work as a psychic medium doing spirit counseling, release and rescue).

What I do know about what will happen is that we will have access to more levels of consciousness than we do presently. Being able to function with increased energetic or psychic sensitivity and awareness requires being open, but also being clear of stuff that doesn’t belong to us, or no longer is relevant to or serving us. Many of us are carrying memories of childhood junk we could let go of, and some of us are carrying energies of other beings that do not belong to us. I see our job in the short term as taking back our energies and consciousness for ourselves, which is to say take back our lives to live as we intend and wish.

Expectating that there is something to fear just about to happen is not a step in a direction that will serve you. This expectation prevails on Earth at present, and is rooted in an old collective trauma from thousands of years ago that we dredge up and reinforce in our media, all media, daily. If you consume television, radio, newspaper and movies, and their internet outlet equivalents, be aware that you’re absorbing a frequency of fear that does not get you where you want to go.

Your invitation is to take care of any old business within you. Clear out what you no longer need. Attitudes, beliefs, feelings, expectations, and relationships that no longer serve you can go. Finding new levels of meeting your own needs and making sure you are not waiting for someone else to do something for you, whatever it may be, is the task at hand. If you choose a path of clearing yourself of old stuff and stuff that doesn’t belong to you, you’ll be inclined to curb your media consumption of all kinds, limiting the influx of the collective fear into your psychic space.

It’s no coincidence that Pluto entered Capricorn just a few years from the end of the Mayan Calendar. Pluto in Saturn’s sign requires that we find out who’s really in charge of our government, our economy, our individual lives. Aren’t you finding the answer to the question of who’s caring for you is increasingly and clearly a big resounding “YOU”?

It’s also no coincidence that Chiron entered our collective consciousness about 35 years before the end of the Mayan Calendar. Chiron is a key to the process of taking responsibility for our sensitivity to energy and caring for ourselves as energetic, physical, mental and emotional beings.

Choose for yourself what leads you to feeling more alive & more love, and leave behind what doesn’t, and you’re taking steps to adjust to the energies that are presently shifting on Earth.

Tom is available for private consultations that include karmic astrology and mediumship/Spirit Guide work. He offers two original natal reports, one on the true Black Moon Lilith and one on how to prepare yourself for the shifts in consciousness happening now on Earth culminating at the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, “Living in the Present Tense,” using Pluto, Chiron, Lilith and Lucifer. See his website for more info and to book a session.