(Radio) Fear & (Radio) Love

On Fear: In a now-rare opening of my home to the frequency of fear of mainstream radio (NPR – I guess it’s not even that mainstream!), I heard a story about a teenager committing suicide in front of a live internet audience, after announcing his intention a few hours prior. My first instinct was to shut down, check out of my body. I did not want to feel what I was beginning to feel. My mind said, “Get out! Don’t be here! This is too much!” I had to remember to stay in my body and let the terrible feeling I had go. Just let it go. Accept the reality of it, the sadness and the heartbreak, and then let it go.

Part of the task at hand for each of us is to be highly selective about the frequencies we let in to our lives. Your day-to-day, moment-to-moment consciousness is shaped by what’s allowed in your space (whether relationships, ideas, media and anything else). But you’re not supposed to be a hermit, a recluse. Just learn to be more selective of what you let in your space. And from time to time you certainly will encounter people and information that inspires you to contract and shut down.

So when you hear things that inspire you to leave your body so you don’t have to feel how terrible they are, notice it. Notice it and stay…no matter what. Look it in the eye and accept the feeling as a real feeling that’s possible and available to you. And then choose to let it go. Ground and let it go.

Whatever energy doesn’t belong to you needs to go (including the terrible things you might hear through the media), and your willingness to feel the full range of human emotions and learn how to let all of them come and go is so important. E-mail me to request a free 13-minute meditation MP3 that I offer to clients and teach people at meditation evenings in LA. It will lead you to ground through your root chakra, open your crown, and then open and clean out your heart and aura.

On Love: Earlier this week I was a guest on “Consider This,” a Contact Talk Radio program. I shared how I use a handful of astrological archetypes to support people in preparing for 2012, and discussed the new natal report on preparing for 2012 I’m offering. While you’re there, check out Contact Talk Radio’s other offerings, too: they’re an example of the antidote to mainstream media.

Next Tuesday I’ll be on “Consider This” again to discuss the archetypes of astrology. Tuesday, 11/25, 1 PM Pacific you can listen live here.

Tom is available for private consultations that include karmic astrology and mediumship/Spirit Guide work. He offers two original natal reports, one on the true Black Moon Lilith and one on how to prepare yourself for the shifts in consciousness happening now on Earth culminating at the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, “Living in the Present Tense,” using Pluto, Chiron, Lilith and Lucifer. See his website for more info and to book a session.