Get Your Flashlights.

A handful of years ago a friend gave me some recordings of Barbara Marciniak channeling Pleiadians. I did some spotty listening at the time but couldn’t track the vibration. The last few days I’ve been listening to them in order. And this just came out of my computer speakers:

“If you can’t discuss something, then obviously that’s a tyranny. Whether it’s an internal tyranny or George Bush’s tyranny.”

They’re saying that if you aren’t willing to look into every corner of something to see what’s really happening, you’re not going to make progress.

Okay, you got me: I’m posting this for myself as a reminder of why it’s so important to say whatever needs to be said. My recent post on Lilith and pornography was posted, then unposted, and then I changed about four words and reposted it. As if changing four little words could alleviate the little lump in my throat. But by the time I republished it, I’d decided it had to stand, those things need to be said.

Looking into dark corners seems central to evolutionary astrology, as a main part of its focus is on Pluto, simultaneously representing the soul’s deepest intentions & desires and its deepest fears.

And I love it. I do. I have a craving for the truth to come out. If you come to see me as a client, I make it my job to help you see the source behind whatever it is you feel is out of balance. Whether that source is rooted in past or present life attitudes, beliefs, hopes, assumptions, relationships, dreams, blind spots, delusions…or anywhere else.

The tyranny the Pleiadians mention is the editing of reality. That we should fear seeing what’s really happening. And yet we’re waking up all over the place. So many more people are seeing that choosing to change is the way forward, regardless of what choice they make. Inner tyranny develops from our absorbtion of outer tyranny, and you and everyone else has the choice about whether to live as you know you truly are, or an edited version from someone else’s tyranny that you certainly can adopt.

More important than any details about your life is that you’re aware that you have the choice on how to live it. That what’s in place in your psyche that’s manifested in your outer living is the result of choices you’ve made. Now, some of them are indeed rooted in assumptions, fears, blind spots and delusions, yet it’s still true that you’ve made the choices about how your life plays out.

It doesn’t in reality matter which choice you make for yourself on any given matter (though I’m voting for the one that promotes self-love! Hey, I like to see you happy, what can I say?). But you need to know that transitioning out of the Piscean Age, defined by control mechanisms designed to get you dumber and keep you there, rests on recognizing what responsibility you have for how your life is going, however that is.

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