Do You Need Psychic Protection, or Spiritual Immunity?

I have no good reason why I went to see a horror movie tonight. Wanted an adrenaline kick? Wanted to test my ability to come back from scared and into grounded? Dunno. But the fear reminded me of some things.

If you listen to what you learn in popular culture, you learn that any one of us who makes a misstep (ouija boards, stealing from gypsies, etc.) can be subject to having to deal with evil spirits. Chased, haunted, invaded, possessed, whatever. And even if your rational mind knows and convinces the part of you available for rational convincing that it’s nonsense, you still retain imagery and some measure of jumpiness about bad things happening, the fear that comes with what we’re told is happening in the spirit world that can carry over to ours.

In my travels as a psychic medium, I’ve learned that you don’t need protection from bad things in that world. You need to build and maintain a certain relationship with yourself that turns around whatever fear you may carry into something else. We’re not susceptible to anything we say “no thanks” to, hard as that might be to believe.

Said another way, if you carry fear of bad things happening, you can totally make it come true. This is not just me believing in you – it’s natural law. Your thought, belief, attitude and feeling patterns create the world around you, create the experience you have of life. How much fear you experience has everything to do with how much fearful stuff you expect to find.

Now, I’ve seen some things while working in the spirit world, things that might make people nervous to have explained to them. I usually don’t talk about them because many people have been conditioned to fear the spirit world (and maybe because I like my Scorpionic secrets, maybe…). Most of it I’ve seen as part of my schooling to learn better grounding and boundaries – to stay in my body and have an intention of what I’ll do and what I’m available to be part of. These two lessons are critical not just to be a professional psychic medium, but for anyone even remotely identifying as an empath, medium, intuitive, seer, psychic, etc.

1. Staying in your body. You’re the master of your domain. Your body is your home, the physical vehicle that serves as HQ for all your bodies including mental, emotional and spiritual. Fear/fright/trauma makes us leave the body, jump out of it because the sensation/energy/emotion is, we feel, too much to bear. Experiences that bring us to leave our bodies fall in many categories (abuse, violence, sudden fright – anything traumatic), and part of the human path is to learn to stay in the body and experience the full range of experience available to us. All experiences serve to support and further the journey of the soul, and we have to be in our bodies to be healthy and function fully.

If you’ve experienced trauma in your life, you may need to recall parts of yourself back to you. Shamans and some mediums can help with this self-repair, yet keep in mind that for such retrieval and reconnection to occur, you must be willing to house all parts of you, including the ones that might be in some way freaked out. When I was 9 I was in a car accident, and part of me left. Not the most serious of accidents, but I was in shock afterward, which is a sign of some kind of jump out of the body, that also can be thought of in extreme cases as soul fragmentation or soul loss. We’ve all had accidents, falls, and some of us have experienced violence in one way or another.

Aside from accidents or sudden events that traumatize, soul fragmentation/loss can also take place after a gradual process of some life experience that incrementally becomes too much to bear. Witnessing a family member’s spiralling depression or emotion/mental/physical illness counts here, as well as any degenerative or chronic painful condition we watch loved ones and others go through.

All parts of you are needed to be you, to live the life you came here to live. If you suspect you could use some assistance, support or healing to bring back soul fragments to be more whole, call me and we’ll work to support you in becoming more whole.

2. What are you available for. Nothing can happen to you without your consent. Having an intention of what you’re available for sets the tone for your experience in any world, the human/3D one or the spirit world. Your intention defines a vibration and only people and experiences that resonate with your vibration will come to you.

If you’re setting an intention in your life and seeing the opposite coming to you, some part of you is carrying a different intention, or some part of you doesn’t believe that you can have/get to have/deserve what the rest of you is asking for. It’s that you’re confounding your own frequency, unconsciously jamming your own frequency. Don’t beat yourself up if this is happening; it’s not a call for alarm or self-flagellation. It just means that you’re carrying some unprocessed emotional/energetic/mental debris related to the issue at hand. And it’s yours to decide when it’s time to begin processing it and moving ahead.

This brings up an important point: You have to believe that you can have whatever you’re making yourself available for. I recently was shown parts of me that didn’t believe that the relationship stuff I was making myself available for would come. I figured this out by the patterns of what was coming (the easiest way to tell, by the way – the reality you create around you is a manifestation of what you believe you can have), and after some grumbling and staring at my shoes, set about looking at each of the things I was drawing to me and getting inside some underlying beliefs I didn’t know I had. And now I’m starting to see the results, as there’s no pattern; I’m just meeting some interesting people I like playing with.

Back to that other thing from a minute ago: Nothing can happen to you without your consent. This is a hard one for most folks. We’ve all had painful experiences about which we can’t imagine having given consent. Yet the soul sends out the message that a certain kind of experience, fitting a particular theme, needs to be had in order to learn about that facet of life, and if our personalities (shaped by conditioning) push that need out of consciousness or to the back burner long enough, something fitting that theme might rush in at us and leave us traumatized.

This is difficult for some because it seems like blaming the victim. Yet we’re talking about a spiritual view, and it requires that each of us accept responsibility for what happens to us, for everything that happens in our lives. So, I don’t blame anyone, but I help people understand how the call of the soul to have certain kinds of experiences cannot be put aside for any reason – we will manifest our lessons. This is why I’m so passionate about counseling with and teaching evolutionary astrology: Anything in your life not working is just as valuable from the soul’s perspective as something wonderful fitting the same symbolism – we might as well learn to shift our expectations of what life holds for us, upgrade what we think is going to come to us. This is the way we can create lives that teach our souls what we want to learn without engendering and repeating pain and trauma.

If you feel you could use some help and support in shifting what you’ve made yourself available for, call me for a consultation. I’m happy to support you in releasing attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and emotional imprinting that no longer works for you.

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