Channeling on Difficult Experiences

To prepare for the changes happening on Earth and that are coming, we’re all being asked to clean up old business. Beliefs, attitudes and ideas head the list, as they inform our emotional, spiritual and physical “operating systems.”
Some of us are asking for change, and some are not. Opportunities present themselves to all of us, and our willingness to change determines in large part what we do in response to them. For any of us, there’s a skill in opening to see everything that comes to you as reflective of an internal situation, some reality within you. For those who ask, things get accelerated; if you’re willing to consider new directions, you’ll be handed a lot, and often in large doses and a lot at once.
This often looks like difficult circumstances coming or coming to you. What’s happening is that you’re being shown something externally that reflects something happening inside you. Astrologers say, “As above, so below,” and this is also true of what’s happening around you as a parallel to what’s happening inside you.
Our emotional reactions to difficult scenarios tend to define our experience of them, and there’s value in learning to identitify with the part of you that’s not your emotional self. Doing so takes you out of allowing your experience of a situation to be defined by the unhappiness or discomfort you experienced in it.
Because there is always a lesson. But what does that mean? A lesson in this context is support for your evolution – showing you something about yourself by an event manifested outside yourself. Difficult circumstances are not punishments. Pain and inconvenience are not punishments.
To evolve into recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings, we need to see, process and give up beliefs, attitudes and ideas we have that do not serve us. Many of those we carry are inherited from our families, and many we carry from past lives and from experiences in this life (which tend to mirror the former, by the way). As many of these “software scripts” are not in our awareness, we manifest them as and in external events. We need to do this as long as we’re not seeing ourselves as clearly as we could.
Everything that you find difficult is a teacher for you. You are not being tested. No one has an eye on what you do and how you respond – no one’s rating or judging you. Except you, that is, if that’s your thing. What you’re supposed to learn in any given situation can be understood by examining the feelings you hold in reaction to it. Take time to put words to them, give the voice of resistance in you a voice, and spend a little time taking those words in as you remember that you’re learning more about yourself.  Look for the message within the feeling:
What do you feel you’re not getting in that scenario that you need?
What do you expect from the situation?
Why do you think you’re not getting what you need?
Is what you call a need actually a need?
How would you feel if you had the thing you’re not getting? In what ways can you give that to yourself?
There is no right or wrong along the way, only acts of self-love and acts of self-hatred. Acknowledging the reality of your feelings is self-love. Listening to the voice of resistance in you (or listing what it has to say) is self-love. Giving yourself the permission to see into the situation in a way that supports your evolution, and healing if needed, is self-love.
Be good to yourself.