Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter’s messages in transit are about opportunity, belief, faith, expansion, and risk. Pisces as a lens (through which planets work) is about release, surrender, merging, going with the flow, and connecting to some kind of non-egoic something, something based in another kind of reality – dreams, mysticism, spirituality, and truth when conscious and addiction, deceit and escapism when not.

One short story might go like this: Opportunity and growth come through the process of surrendering to higher truth and releasing beliefs that keep you from moving ahead. In Pisces we often can’t consciously grasp what would take their place, so the best thing to do is get as clear as possible about what’s going on so you can see what isn’t working. Then trust that what you need will be what comes next, even if you can’t imagine or articulate it.

Heard that Jupiter’s lucky and brings luck? It brings your attention to opportunities already around you. The thing isn’t if it will bring opportunities for cool stuff, but if you’ll have your eyes and ears open enough to register them and if you’ll risk believing in yourself and life enough to take them.

Re the higher truth angle, living in Pisces works well when aligned with truth. When not aligned with truth, planets working here end up deceiving themselves about what’s going on. The Neptune/Pisces/12th house archetype is famous for not telling the truth, but behind that is not seeing the truth. Yet it craves it. It craves aligning with it, with becoming it. When an energy working through this archetype thinks that it itself is the source of truth, the source of good and right things, deception takes over.

Self-deception can happen for a lot of folks during this time, because a lot of us don’t want to find out the truth behind what we think is happening. If we allow ourselves to believe what’s not true, it’ll be easy to feed it and let some things bubble up, waiting for unhappy and unfortunate reality checks when the bubbles burst – Jupiter makes thing easy to feed, but nothing outside of truth can last in Pisces.

Healthy strategies for this transit: More honesty, more truth, more seeing and feeling into things. Opening to truth and allowing everything we think and believe to be exposed to it and, if not aligned, be punctured by it…and then adopting truer thoughts and beliefs to take their place. Risking believing in ourselves, the truth of our deepest desires and who we know we truly are. Expanding into ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences.

And if you’re into this truth stuff, it might be easy to slip up into your upper chakras and stay there – Pisces relates to the 7th/crown. Remember that your body is the playing ground for your human experience as a spiritual being and choose to stay in it. Spirituality disconnected from the body, whether intentional or not, is not the kind that can take any of us forward in the directions it’s time to go.

You might feel called during the next year to develop your natural intuitive and psychic abilities. Jupiter might inspire you to expand your skills and trust in them, and the Piscean instinct with this transit might be all about raising your consciousness and connecting with spirit guides, angels or others in non-corporeal states.

Within a few weeks, I’ll announce a new intuitive skills development course, “Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes.” It will be a 14-week, individualized course of meditation, chakra work, journaling, and sessions with me to teach you to raise your vibration and tune up your consciousness to the point that you can align with truth and stay there.

Dates: January 17 – June 7 2010, September 10  2010 – January 10 2011.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ. In addition to private counseling sessions, he tutors people in karmic astrology and also mentors/coaches people in intuitive skills development. Read more at https://tdjacobs.com.