Unraveling Karma Episode 15

Jan asks about her craving for passionate relationship while she does everything she can to avoid having it. Robin asks about her path regarding her nodes and says she feels psychic but doesn’t know how to deal with it.


One thought on “Unraveling Karma Episode 15

  1. That was absolutely fantastic, and pretty much confirmed the impressions I’ve been getting from the universe re: health, happiness and my body. Thank you so much for your insights. You managed to articulate and crystallize some perspectives that have been hovering, about diffuse.
    As for the yoga, it is very crucial to me as a concrete mind, body, spirit connection (as opposed to a gym rat/pop cultural thing). It very much nurtures me and one of the biggest reasons I want to teach is to be able to share that with other people, because so many of us need it so badly right now. It allows me to express myself, creatively, spiritually and physically.

    Namaste and thanks so very much.


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