Uranus in the Houses and into Aries…with Jupiter on its Tail.

The last few days have been kind of a whirlwind for me. While I do remember that Uranus is natally in my first conjunct the Ascendant, I forget how its change of sign and house can therefore noticeably affect me. It is transiting my 6th house yet is calling up and poking my 1st house Uranus in the ribs, and me thinking about this has resulted in – poof! and/or voila – a post to discuss a way to look at this.

The house containing Uranus in your birth chart is the part of life that you need to become willing to create freedom and elbow room for yourself. It is where you need to recognize the ol chains that bind you and break out of them, leaving them behind and going toward awesome new futures that let you be just exactly who you are. And all that.

That house represents the part of life where you need to learn to be different, to learn to cultivate your difference and figure out just what it is for.

1st house: body, self-presentation, how you show yourself and show up, outward personality.

2nd house: resources, self-esteem and self-worth, skills, money.

3rd house: left brain, perception, mind, learning, communication in and out.

4th house: inner reality and needs, who and where you came from (family/ancestry/roots), establishing roots now, security.

5th house: creative self-expression, fun, play, spontaneity, shining.

6th house: duty, responsibility, service, relationships that are supposed to be unequal (master and apprentice, etc.).

7th house: friend, lover, and spouse relationships, business partnership, all relationships that are supposed to be equal.

8th house: trust, intimacy, shared resources and skills, deep bonding.

9th house: right brain, exploration, ideals and principles, things and people from far away that change you when you meet them.

10th house: place in the world/community, job/work, social status, ambition.

11th house: friends and groups, what we want the and our future to look like and the people and groups we associate with to make it happen.

12th house: surrender, finding divinity within, mysticism, inspired creativity, going with the flow.

Okay, that’s your natal Uranian baseline. Now look at the house Uranus is transiting in your chart and check the keywords above again. Transiting Uranus in Aries wants you to throw the shackles off this part of your life and choose freedom. Something in that part of life is making you feel a little bogged down, a little dragged down. Something in that corner of your world isn’t flowing and feels stale. It’s time to make a change, the planet says. Time to shake things up and move ahead with some new things. Uranus is famous for sudden flashes of insight. The message here is about allowing your instinctive wisdom to act (Aries) on new information that could set you free (Uranus).

If you respond to it, or at least hear it, your natal Uranus could be activated. For any of us in whom natal Uranus has been napping, transiting Uranus into Aries is just the bucket of cold water/slap in the face that we need to wake up! My Uranus in Libra/1st has been activated strongly and I’ve chosen to revisit some creative projects that have been put on the back burner to make sure I get my astrology/metaphysical writing done. It’s transiting my 6th house – I’ve felt a little weighted down by my loooooong astrology work to-do list and it’s time to pick up some creative projects again and head in new directions with them. I’ve released three astrology/metaphysics books since moving to my current city eight months ago, so my to-do list has certainly gotten a lot of attention! More then ever, in fact. So it’s time to get enlivened again by some cranking out some art.

Jupiter on Uranus’ heels brings the element of risk to all of this. Jupiter wants you to leap into some rad new beginning, especially when it hits Aries (still in Pisces at the moment). Jupiter doesn’t want to hear anything but YES, I WILL LEAP IN THIS RAD NEW DIRECTION. Add that to Uranus stirring things up and you’ve got the potential for a potent cocktail to make changes to things very quickly and for good.

Jupiter coming in will soon ask us if we will choose to have faith (Jupiter) in our instincts (Aries). We will already have had the sudden flashes of insights about new avenues and activities with Uranus in Aries. Jupiter wants to know if we will have faith enough in ourselves to do something meaningful about what we have seen, to leap into new ways of being.

And of course if you have planets or points being aspected by these two, they are also being activated by transiting Saturn and Pluto. You might believe you’re in a cauldron of one kind or another, waiting for someone to edge up the thermostat and make some bisque of you. But it’s just different sorts of challenges.

Pluto wants you to let something outmoded and no longer useful for your highest good to be decimated and/or smashed into tiny little pieces or shards that fall at your feet, never to be reassembled again. Saturn wants you to roll up your sleeves and work to make things better, to get more realistic, to be more moral, more mature, to get your homework done, to establish new structures and work routines. No big deal, right? You can handle these kids.

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Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, channel, and author. His books include Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys, Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening, and The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel. All are available here, and you can read more about his work and book a consultation at his site.