Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Briefly Part II

I did a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and was in my head for most of my life. I just met someone who did a PhD in the subject. She asked me how I got to Tucson. I told her that I asked my spirit guides where I could go to write the books I was thinking of writing but didn’t have the inner space to write.

She said immediately, “Oh I don’t believe in that.” I said, “It doesn’t matter if you believe it,” a little perplexed at the pat answer.

But I got the reflection of how I used to be. The eclipse was on my South Node in the 10th house, and I have a past in this life and others being really stuck in my head. Deciding with Capricornian/10th house certainty what I believe is true without having experienced much of anything directly. The Capricorn archetype is a lot about fashioning the world around it in terms of the shoulds it believes should be true.

I saw myself as I am now, in contrast to the academic. Let’s just say that I’m really glad I knew in college that philosophy couldn’t in fact answer all of my questions and didn’t pursue it further. And then after a few years of a kind of limbo I had the world as it really is, and I as I really am, shown to me. And this way of being is unbelievably more cool than stressing with the mind about how the world should be, and how I should be.

The more we live in our heads the more we try to create the world around us as we think it should be. The more we miss what is actually happening.

The more we fail to notice the truth of who we are.

Most of the people in our world are stuck in their heads. It’s what we train each other to do.

But it isn’t enough. It’s just not who we are anymore. Or who we are becoming. We’re spiritual beings with awesome minds – let’s let our minds work with the rest of us instead of letting them run everything. You will never get where your soul is trying to go by staying inside your head!

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4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Briefly Part II

  1. Love both these pieces Tom. With a South Node in the 10th I can so identify with needing to be of public service. The New Moon eclipse is in my 3rd, it doesn’t make any major aspects but the Full Moon eclipse on my birthday (26th June) pressed all the buttons about endings in my life and highlighted (as if it needed it) transiting Pluto opposite my Sun.

    I’m currently laid up at home with an ongoing sciatic problem learning valuable lessons about self-nurturing and not “needing to be needed” all the time. It took me 12 weeks to get myself signed off work, and it’s taken me another week to stop thinking “I should be there”. Saturn in the 10th needs to be seen to be reliable. Old messages.

    Turning off the mind chatter – not easy for a Gemini Mercury – and tuning in to me – will be a priority in the next few days. See if I can’t write myself a new script.

  2. Thank-you Tom.

    I fell asleep tonight while watching Tim Burton’s film Big Fish. Just now, half asleep I checked my e-mails and was drawn to open this page. What you’ve written really resonated nicely ( and weirdly ) with the big story telling saga of Edward Bloom.

    Sunday’s eclipse was two degrees from my IC and I’ve been pondering (there’ s that head thing) and also feeling out the parameters of this eclipse. If it is, as you said the moon talking, well it has been really demanding the past three days.

    Cancer / 10th house energy? I help others by working as a receptionist in a veterinary hospital. It’s my job to gather and convey information, all the while trying to ignore the stressed feelings I am picking up from both animals and people. Tonight, I had to shelve my reactions to seeing the Doctor pick maggots from a kitten’s head wound so that I could focus on tallying the evening deposit. This depresses me.

    I have feeling of what this eclipse is showing me. Is it faith that I need to follow it? Because if I listen to my Monkey Mind I am reminded that I have to count the damn change and more than likely it’s not going to all add up.

  3. Jan – Glad to hear you are willing to hear the message in the pain. I definitely remember that 10th house SN of yours! And Saturn is conjunct it, underlining the message and making it in all caps. That 4th house NN will naturally present this ongoing invitation for you to soften, to relax into who you really are. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Chris – The monkey mind definitely has its uses. (Beyond counting!)
    Following the feelings we have I believe always requires faith. The mind is often clear and the feelings can often go against it. But if the feeling is the kind that tells you who you are (and not simply fear of something), then your whole being is better off for allowing it to inform you.
    I haven’t seen that movie, but you’ve got me curious.
    Shelving your reactions? Care to say more about that?

  4. Thank you Tom, yes it’s easing. I stopped fighting it, and started accepting whatever message it has for me. SATURN in big letters, yes! I returned to work today, and I dressed as Venus in Leo – and boy did I get noticed! I dressed in vibrant colours and walked in with a smile and carrying flowers, and I got such a positive reaction. Not just first thing but throughout the day too.

    Chris – I’m a public receptionist too, in the health field (humans not animals) and have to consciously shield myself against the pain and anguish that some people bring into the building. I have Neptune in the 6th and it’s like blotting paper. The shield worked today, because for the first time I purposely “dressed” for the job rather than wear my everyday clothes which I’ve been doing up til now (it’s a very informal setting). I lost none of the empathy but was able to detach in a way I haven’t managed before which I’m discovering is essential.

    Eclipse in my 3rd house – ruled by a 12th house Aries Moon – has started me on a new track, with new thinking.

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