The Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Briefly

I am sitting in a coffee shop where I write, working on a writing piece on the Pluto Square for the Libra and Scorpio generations.

When I realized the eclipse is coming up I decided to take a few minutes to meditate, letting all the noise around me slip into the background. This eclipse is in my 10th house on my South Node and square my 1st house Uranus-Mars, so who knows how this will want to manifest! I thought I’d cultivate some openness by getting out of the way.

When I opened my eyes, a few minutes before the eclipse, three people asked me questions. They seemed to be lined up.

Cancer/10th house energy can come out as helping others, as showing up in the world as someone who helps others. Who takes care of others. And for a minute I was in great demand for a few little things. Conjunct my South Node, we can know that my soul has some lives under its belt of some kind of public service. My work now does fit that symbolism, but for a minute it was focused on something other than work – I was surrounded by people I could give answers to.

What house was the eclipse in for you? Where do you help others? In what part of life do you approach things and people through an emotional lens?

But the real questions with this eclipse have to do with what new beginnings re that part of life it is time for you to make. What about your existing patterns work? What doesn’t?

We live usually with the input of the Sun and Moon together, having an ongoing and evolving dialogue between reason and feeling. During an eclipse one voice or influence is lessened, leaving us with the other emphasized. I often experience it as the volume turned up – usually two voices are influencing everything and now one is quieter or not audible. With the Sun eclipsed Moon is left. We are left to feel into the moment, to get to know what it is that we need in that moment.

Because we are talking about Moon and the sign of Cancer, this can be about your home, family relationships, what you eat when and why, and other things. The energy of the new moon can support you in beginning new patterns that serve your health and well-being. Tap into the feeling of what you need to do to let your monkey mind chill out for a bit and you’ll get what this new moon eclipse is inviting you to do.

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