New Moon in Leo

This takes place at 17 degrees of Leo today, 8/9/10.

New Moons are for feeling into the dark of what you cannot see…and allowing what is there air to breathe.

When you do this whatever is ready to be birthed within you is nurtured and can begin its emergence into your conscious life.

It’s easy to see Leo as about creative expression. We can see the performers in our lives living and breathing Leo energy, feeling like they are doing things right when they are the center of attention on one scale or another.

But being the center of attention when it comes to Leo energy is an extreme, a stereotype. The real need the Leo parts of have is to leave a personal mark, to be seen as an individual and offer a personal contribution. These parts of us need to perform for others the experience of being us.

There doesn’t always have to be an audience of more than one (and self often is enough!). But when we have the confidence to honor this part of ourselves we naturally draw to us others who want to experience us performing the experience of being us.

It doesn’t matter the venue, or kind of work, or way of life. Self-expression that honors the Leo within us can take place successfully at the squarest of office jobs – the venue and means are less important than that the individual feels free to offer a personal contribution and can be seen doing it.

But we have to be willing to be seen doing our thing.

Use this new moon in Leo to get in touch with the part of you that craves personal expression, to be seen for who you are and heard for what you have to say. New moons are for feeling, so don’t try to force anything or to conjure up something by the powers of mind or will.

Your best strategy here is to allow yourself to feel into this part of you and what it is ready to say. That there is a new moon in this sign means that there is a part of you ready to come out, to be seen and heard shining in whatever way that is most authentic to you.

The aspects it makes in your natal chart matter a lot, as does the house it falls in. The house has to do with the part of life in which this shining is to take place:

1st: Self, body, style, personality
2nd: Values, self-esteem, skills
3rd: Communication, info in and out, curiosity
4th: Inner world, family, home, emotional landscape
5th: Creative endeavors, hobbies, what gives you pleasure
6th: Daily routine, care of the body, service, teams you are part of
7th: One-to-one relationships of all kinds
8th: Intimacy of all kinds (where we trust others deeply)
9th: Belief, faith, the capacity to expand
10th: Public self, work, place in community
11th: Groups and associations, goals/what you want the future to look like
12th: Your connection to greater reality, where you connect with other levels of consciousness

But remember: Feel into it. Feel what is ready to have attention. There is something ready to be birthed now – allow it to breathe and come out as it will.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, channel, author, and coach offering insight into why your soul is here and guidance about how to make it happen. Contact him via his site for private readings and to learn about intuitive coaching. Tom is the author of four books on metaphysics and astrology including The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel, available via his site and Amazon. Subscribe to his evolutionary astrology podcast “Unraveling Karma” to learn more about astrology and the soul.