Venus Retro in Scorpio (8 October – 18 November 2010)

The planet about what is fair and what is important is doing a turn of direction in the sign of getting to the bottom of things.

Retrogrades are always invitations to open to new sources of information or to go over information already gathered in order to see more about what is going on. Venus retros are about values, relationships, and resources. What is most important to us. What kind of people are in our lives and why. Where our time, money, and energy are going and why.

During a Venus retro you are invited to see into what you value and why. Ideally you choose to be honest about this and make course corrections that move you into the future and greater health. It can also happen however that we can be lead to confront the decision to leave something behind that doesn’t work, but that we have created an identity surrounding it and are not sure how to let it go.

Scorpio is the sign in which we learn to let go. To release control over what is going on. We think Scorpio is about control because we all know plenty of Scorpios who seem to be addicted to it…or the illusion that they have it. When we live Scorpio in a way that leads us to absolute self-knowledge and utter self-acceptance (not judging our shadows but owning them, etc.), the need to control dissolves. The addiction to attempting to control melts away.

Scorpio is famous for power struggles and other unhealthy power dynamics. Behind this is the need of planets working through the lens of this sign to understand what is really going on under the surface. When we are guided by unconscious motivations, we behave in ways that are not clear, are not upfront. We do things without even really knowing why. So when we live in or travel through Scorpio, we serve ourselves well by bringing all that is unconscious to the surface.

Whether in personal relationships or elsewhere, each time you encounter what seems (or has an odor akin to) a power struggle or attempt to control you or another, look to the source of the dynamic. Take a minute and use your in-born inner detective to root out the truth. Ask:
Is someone in the situation wanting something that’s not out on the table?
Is someone reacting to subtext?
Is someone responding to what is underlying or behind the words being used?
Can you trust your inner detective’s radar to tell you when something in a dynamic or situation is amiss or out of alignment?

(Because it IS telling you things all the time – really useful info. The question is if you are willing to trust it.)

This transit of Venus through Scorpio can make it easy to see that people are doing things to us – using us, crossing our boundaries, controlling us to some end. But whatever the dynamic or situation, you are a co-creator.

Look at what you can learn about yourself – about what you are willing to experience as regards relationships and where your resources go – and choose to withhold blame for others for what you are experiencing. Scorpio naturally takes us into trying to find out how close we can get to another person, so the lines between us can get murky. Use this Venus retro till mid November to see into what is going on in your relationship life and how you approach and use your money, time, and energy. And once you see just what it is that you are up to, choose to own it and bring it into your life in more conscious ways. We love to judge ourselves for being intense, for being drawn to taboos, for wanting things in almost all-consuming ways. Withhold judgment of these parts of you and you own your shadows, and you can begin to experience Scorpio in healthy ways.

Everything single little thing about resources and relationships that looks or feels is going wrong now reflects where you are in your learning process. You are creating scenarios and relationships in order to teach you how to fine-tune your intention-setting process. Setting intentions is a process of making choices. Making choices is a primary way you express your divine creative nature.

Action item: Use the inner detective’s skinny on money, time, and your goings on with others now to teach you more about how you make choices and value yourself. It all begins with you, even as when we travel through Scorpio it often looks like the responsibility is someone else’s.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, channel, author, and coach offering insight into why your soul is here and guidance about how to make it happen. Contact him via his site for private readings and to learn about intuitive coaching. Tom is the author of four books on metaphysics and astrology including The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel, available via his site and Amazon. Chiron, 2012, and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It is his new 11-hour MP3 course, also available through his site.