Transit Lab: Mercury Rx Opposing Natal Saturn

A transit lab post is one in which I talk about a personal transit  to illustrate how transits can affect us. All the possibilities that could result from a transiting planet are modified by the consciousness level and the karma and choices of the person experiencing it. I like doing this series to show how transits can manifest in our lives.

Mercury in Sagittarius is now slowing down, preparing to station direct in a few days. This is happening in my 3rd house and opposing my 9th house Gemini retrograde Saturn. As an astrologer, I would expect some sort of Mercurial challenge to my natal Saturn, asking that I give up some control in the spirit of taking some sort of Mercurial risk about communication.

My natal Mercury is in Sagittarius at the cusp of the 3rd house, so there is always within me a dialogue between the Mercury and Saturn in opposing signs and houses, even though there’s no direct aspect.

The conversation is about what kinds of information are useful and what should be done with information that ends up being considered useful

I’ve been channeling for years but mostly in the context of bringing through clients’ spirit guides and in getting my answers to questions on soul answered.  Until a few months ago, that is. I started channeling the Ascended Master Djehuty more – a lot, actually.

Recently I began compiling a number of sessions from the last few months into a book. Here’s where the Merc retro is kicking that Saturn up: I’ve become conscious of a part of me that doesn’t consider channeling real. Or if it’s real, it’s not really work. Or if it is, it’s not valid and I should stick to the astrology stuff.

But I’m doing it. It happens. It’s real. And it is work. I have to work hard on an ongoing basis to keep my life working in such a way as to be able to regularly tune into that level of consciousness. All the stuff I write about upgrading consciousness and taking responsibility for ourselves, and karmic and ancestral healing – I routinely have to do all this stuff and more in order to keep the channels open to do that kind of work.

And now this book of channelings from the last four months is done. This part of me is observing this, very conscious of the fact that “I didn’t do this.” It has watched me go through this process, and is sort of waiting to see that I’m not actually going to publish a book of channeled material.

I’m learning about the judgments of this part of me that mind and brain and having mine working really hard to write something is the only place there’s value. Another way of looking at this: I’m learning about the identity I’ve developed based in using my brain and writing. There’s a strong identity there, and that part would rather I didn’t channel or, at least, didn’t tell anyone about it!

So, it’s interesting to watch this happen. Because I know without a doubt that these teachings from this Ascended Master are and will be extremely valuable to people.  Yet I’m going through a process of seeing some of the prejudices of my mind as I work to get the material out to people.

What are you seeing about yourself during this Mercury retrograde? As it stations direct in a few days, the pressure will be on for you to let go of some mind-based assumptions and see what is going on under the surface and between the lines.

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