The Pisces Party & Resurfaced Emotions from the Past

There’s a Pisces Party every year, when the inner planets trek through this sign. The last few years Uranus has already been there, and Chiron has just entered for the next few years, making this year especially significant when it comes to this sign being filled with planets for a few weeks.

It’s also significant because of where we are in the evolution of consciousness, which is tracked by the Mayan Calendar. While we usually hear it ends in 2012, it is my understanding that it in truth ends in October 2011.

The evolution of consciousness involves among other things becoming more conscious of ourselves as energetic beings. One major way this is playing out for people is being urged or dragged into altering their relationship with their emotions. Emotions are energy, and we tend to experience ourselves as energetic beings in the context of our emotions. Many, many people now are being confronted with emotions from the past. It can seem to be a repeat of the past and often can leave one with a feeling of backtracking over ground that one thought was processed long ago. Yet it is an opportunity to release old emotions on deeper levels and learn to live more in the present tense. In my world, this means being willing to feel all that we can feel while not absorbing energy (emotion) that doesn’t belong to us.

When it comes to the Pisces Party, with Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Chiron all in this sign, we are invited to focus on surrendering what we carry that a) doesn’t belong to us and b) is unhealthy and therefore not serving us. When we clear out what doesn’t belong to us and what no longer serves, we become free to figure out how to give the gift each of us came to earth to give.

My clients these days seem to share a common thread: They are re-experiencing old emotions they are now fully ready to release. They have sensed the truth that these do not belong to them and/or are not serving them, and they feel empowered in a new way to set out to release them and move on. Given what I observe on a regular basis in my meditation and channeling about the invitations humans have now, this is really encouraging. People are picking up the cues to release. They are seeing and sensing more of the truth of who they are and getting deeply that these old emotions and patterns and beliefs they might carry are simply bits of baggage, not who they really are.

I channeled/wrote my “Living in the Present Tense: A Personal Astrological 2012 Natal Report/Prep Course” for just this purpose. It covers the kind of emotional wounding and imprinting with four archetypes: Pluto, Chiron, the true Black Moon Lilith, and the asteroid Lucifer. It aims to help you see into some forms of energetic (emotional) bits of baggage that we tend to carry, and includes questions for reflection to help you unlock defenses and connect more to the truth of who you are. You can read more about the report here.

What might not be clear to us all now is that even as we may have done a ton of work on ourselves and believed that we left behind old patterns and feelings, the backdrop of energy to all life on the planet is now supportive of us in deeper ways cutting to the core of things. If you find you are struggling now with something you thought left behind a long time ago, understand that you are now more able to get straight to the heart of the matter. The energetic backdrop to our lives is now enabling us to go deeper into those issues and provides more conscious awareness for us to really process them and move on.

Choose not to be discouraged if you feel you’re backtracking a bit. Choose to see that this time is supportive in going deeper and leaving more of it behind so you can move into your future.

With the Pisces Party going down, you can tap into the energy of the sign of surrender to your benefit. If you are willing now to let something go, the process can feel a little easier with all the traffic in this sign. Intention is everything – in fact it is a major way that you express your power as a Divine being – and you can make great strides in healing and surrendering karmic and other emotional debris now.

Perhaps you’re not so willing. If this is the case, you can take the opportunity now to see into why that is.

I don’t look at everyone as the walking wounded, but I am clear from my work with the Masters that we have not yet become fully cognizant of the present impact of the energetic debris that we carry from our souls’ many lives. I have recently been lead through a process of deep forgiveness and have been stirred to lead others on the same process. What I’m finding is that I’ve been shaped by self-criticism and self-judgment in ways that I had not imagined possible. I’m seeing that the more I choose to surrender whatever I can that does not work, does not serve me, and does not belong to me, I open myself to being more present.

The traffic we have in Pisces now can support this process in significant ways…if one is willing to let go.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, channel, author, and coach offering insight into why your soul is here and guidance about how to make it happen. Contact him via his site for private readings and to learn about intuitive coaching. Tom is the author of five books on metaphysics and astrology and two volumes of channeling the Ascended Master Djehuty, available via his site, Amazon, and Kindle. Chiron, 2012, and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It is his groundbreaking new 11-hour MP3 course, also available through his site.