The End of the Mayan Calendar is This Week

I’ve been talking for so long about prepping ourselves for the end of the Mayan Calendar, and now it’s here. It ends on October 28th. Early scholarly work on the calendar put its end in December of 2012, but more recent work has corrected this. I feel strongly that the updated, revised date is correct.
This marks what is known as the evolution of consciousness. The final point. The end point of the process.
Yet instead of it being a finish line, it is that as of the 28th, all the bits and pieces of possibilities of evolution will be in place. Imagine that you want to make a particular dish, but you can’t have access to all the ingredients until a certain moment. When that time comes, you have the option of making it. In other words, you can go ahead and make the dish if you like now that all the ingredients are available. You simply couldn’t do it before, even if you were really wanting to do it. You had to wait until the ingredients could all be lined up in front of you.
We can do as we wish when they are in front of us, but all the tools and ingredients are finally available as of the 28th. (In the videos mentioned below, I discuss some of my personal process in this and offer ideas about how to work with what is happening.)
There is no magic moment that heralds the end of the Mayan Calendar. The opportunity is to experience ourselves as multidimensional beings, and this for many has come in the form of feeling deeply emotions and memories from the past. Even if we do not know these are from our souls’ other lives (we might tend to call them past lives), they are. They are feelings that our many lives as humans have in common – certain kinds of emotional reactions to the life themes we have as souls signed up to live and, indeed, have lived.
So, this is a momentous time. For those who are willing to feel into what is trying to come to the surface, it’s an amazing time. Not everyone is having some sort of stellar, firecrackery experience of life these days. But the richness of the emotion coming up is significant. It reflects the invitation we each have to step more into our true nature as energetic beings having physical experiences – yet the big deal thing is to become aware of this fact. Old emotions resurfacing offer this opportunity because we can now (because of the shifts tracked by the Mayan Calendar) gain a higher perspective on all that has happened to us and why we as souls have created for ourselves all that we have. We can now more than ever gain insights into how and why our souls have created our experiences to date. One of the things I have set out to do in this work is to help you see this so that you can begin to make more conscious decisions about your creation. We’re coming out of millennia of creating without awareness – now we can truly begin to create with awareness.
I’m excited … even as I have had a splitting headache for the last couple of days. Things are shifting in my 6th chakra, a.k.a. 3rd eye. It’s been brewing for a while, and I’ve been getting more grounded and working more consciously with my energy. The results include that I’m seeing into past lives more succinctly and am consistently able to do energy work on clients over the phone. I’ve waited to announce this because it’s sort of been a new toy and I wanted to see if it really wanted to be happening through me – and it is. It’s here. I’m adding it to my readings when moving and clearing energy across time is appropriate.

To support you in unraveling, healing, and releasing whatever you are experiencing, I’m offering readings at $100 for an hour (down from $175) until the end of October. (That’s over 40% off.)
The importance of the opportunity in front of you to heal and release something major cannot be overemphasized. Call or e-mail me to set up a time to work on whatever is coming up for you. I guarantee you that it is an issue that dogs your selves in many, many lives and I guarantee that whatever it is, it can be understood, healed, and released.
The other thing to tell you now is that I’ve been busy playing with video and posting them to YouTube. My channel can be seen here. Currently, there are a few videos relaying my thoughts about the personal side of living with the end of the Mayan Calendar and an introduction to my work as an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel.
Also posted is a trio of videos documenting a spirit release I did in Tucson in early October, clearing the spirits of two deceased addicts from a building on his property. I mistakenly recorded it in my pocket, and added numerous captions to the video to make it educational about working with the spirits of dead people that are hanging around.
You can subscribe to the channel to keep abreast on what I’m doing there. I’m looking at doing videos that cover all of what I do and think about professionally, which will be quite a mix!
Contact me to set up a reading this week, and take care of yourself!

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