Jupiter Stations Direct Tomorrow

As this happening tomorrow is in Taurus, where Jupiter is transiting your chart is a place where you need to slow down. Jupiter’s energy naturally is that of expansion and growth, but when it stations (appears from the Earth’s perspective to be stopping) these elements of life can seem a bit stalled.

You can keep trying to get something done or you can allow yourself to feel into the energies of the moment and allow yourself to slow down. The new moon in Capricorn this morning was trine this very slow Jupiter, so taking time to allow what’s truly important to be recognized (a Taurus strategy) can support the whatever it is that you can now birth within your world.

Look also to see the house on which you have Sagittarius on the cusp. The parts of life that fit with that house are also in need of slowing down some in the short term.

For me, it’s the 3rd house and in fact my voice could use some rest. I’ve been doing more readings than usual this month because of a sale and have also been doing a number of the increasingly popular Soul’s Journey Soundbite MP3 readings the last few weeks. So, ok – time to rest a bit. I’ll still work but won’t outside that be the 3rd house chatterbox I sometimes can be.

Where is Jupiter stationing in your chart? Where is Sagittarius in your chart?
What needs to get a bit of rest?

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel in Tucson, AZ.