Neptunian Reality II

In a previous post, I set out to explain something important and/or serious about experiencing and living according to the parameters of Neptune. Today, I am incapable of any such thing. Instead, I’ll share a story that had me unable to breathe through choking laughter last night that is all about Neptunian reality.

A few days ago, my girlfriend wanted to go out to see a 3D movie. She picked “The Lorax.” I asked her when she told me this if it is a cartoon (because I usually don’t go to see cartoons in theaters and I like to be prepared to be bored), and she replied with the question, “Are you serious?”

So, we went to the theater and it turns out it is a cartoon. I ended up getting into and enjoying it. There were a few scenes and images that stuck with me, too.

Last night we were watching another movie at home (it’s Neptune’s domain over here in some ways).  The story attempted to be serious and heavy, about a young man who goes home to his mother and estranged twin sister after his father dies unexpectedly. Opportunities for healing abound and stuff like that. But at one point there is a shot of this character opening the fridge and you can see like six sticks of butter in the door behind him. I started laughing and kept going till I was almost choking.

In the cartoon, there was a shot of a cute little bear character in a fridge sliding a stick of butter into his already-engorged mouth/self. But what had me laughing is that last night I remembered that the day after seeing “The Lorax,” I realized it was a cartoon.

Now, I remember being prepared for the possibility that it could be a cartoon and then seeing the opening of the film and seeing that it was indeed a cartoon. And then I got lost in the world presented to me and, frankly, forgot about it being a cartoon. Its world became real.

And then I had forgotten that I had forgotten.

Sort of a long story to say something essential about Neptune: cartoon bears hiding in fridges love butter.

But the point could be: When you do the Neptunian thing, the normal bounds of your consciousness take on those of the environment in which you find yourself. In a darkened theater for me the other night, it was the cartoon world of “The Lorax.” But it’s true of each of us – no matter where we are – when we open to being Neptunian.

In the last two-ish years especially – since I began channeling a lot – I’ve been a bit affected when leaving a theater. I usually go to matinees because they break up mornings filled with client work or writing, and so I am usually emerging from the building into the bright light of day (especially here in Tucson). Often I make sure I’m in my body before I head out into traffic and even then sometimes I notice I’m not all the way back from the world I soaked up from whatever movie I’ve just seen.

Again, though, we all do this all the time. We are affected by the energies we surround ourselves with. I might be a little more Neptunian or so in some ways more than some other people. But everyone has Neptune, Pisces, and a 12th house in his or her chart. Each of us, therefore, has the ability to adapt the flow of our awareness and consciousness to something outside the self that seems bigger, more complete, or seductive in some way.

I do this Neptunian movie thing to break up how I normally experience my conscious self. I work, do readings, write, and teach, yet that escape can punctuate the day. It’s also true that I experience time moving incredibly slowly now, after having my consciousness “stretched” to be able to channel how and what I do, and so being entertained is something I appreciate because it uses time when I can’t do anything that seems productive.

So, what do you surrender your consciousness to?

And perhaps more importantly, why?

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand and do what your soul came here to do. HisSoul Healing: Family E-course begins April 7th.