Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces: The Truth About Your Health

Pluto in Capricorn Set the Stage, Neptune in Pisces Asks if You Will Act in Compassionate Self-Interest

The version of reality instilled by allopathic medicine is crumbling as we speak. Our bodies have been speaking to us and our emotional centers are becoming attuned to truth to the point that we owe it to ourselves to alter routes of healthcare in favor of being able to resonate as energetic beings with remedies and treatments that truly work for us as the beings that we are.

Pluto in Capricorn (since early 2008) has had us realizing that the father and big-brother figures of our existing social structures simply cannot continue as-is. Western culture and the “enlightened” mind that has sought to evolve it cannot stand if they seek to do something other than serve us in our complexity as energetic beings living human lives. Much attention has been given to the goings on regarding the world’s financial systems and perceptions related to corporate responsibility but this is also working on the level of individuals seeing in just what ways existing structures do not serve them in all areas of life. Prevailing models of health care have been tops on this list even for those not yet learning that the “enlightened” way of doing things can many times do more damage than it seeks to heal, though many of us have in fact been learning this. We have been seeing the effects of attempting to remedy illness and imbalance instead of understanding ourselves as complete systems that, as a result of modern “enlightened” living, struggle to come into balance under the burdens of processed foods, overprescribed drugs, and additives of all kinds everywhere.

The phrase “Who’s your daddy?” I’ve been using since Pluto entered this sign, because we are all challenged to cease giving our power as autonomous beings to structures designed to cause people to conform as much as possible, those that necessarily ignore each person’s unique individuality in favor of a regular, predictable, and manageable bell curve. I’ve asked readers and clients who is in charge of their minds, hearts, bodies, and wallets, and for many the transition to taking back their power is quite challenging. It is for me, too, but I’m still at it! I’m still asking the question and encouraging (me and) others to take back power through the expression of individual choice that leads to healing, a greater sense of autonomy and self-responsibility, and deeper levels of health on all levels.

Tonight I was sparked by this article, by a heart surgeon dispelling the cholesterol theory that has been used to shape dietary guidelines in this country for decades in an apparent effort to stem the tide of heart disease, which has simply made things worse in the end.

Read it with my thoughts of Pluto in Capricorn in mind, and then continue reading this post.

Neptune in Pisces presents us with the opportunity to open to sense the truth that already exists. What you have been seeing in your life over the last four-plus years with Pluto in Capricorn’s invitation to take back the power from all to whom you have given it is now ready to be acted upon. Now you have the option of aligning with what you know is true – now that you’ve seen so many existing structures in your life fail you. To your conscious mind it might seem that the world is ending or that we are all headed to hell in a hand basket. You have the option instead of looking at what does not work and choosing to take back active control over how your experience as a human is unfolding. You’re learning how to do right by yourself – don’t beat yourself up because you adapted to external structures and they haven’t worked.

Pluto in Capricorn will at first glance seem to say, “Take back control of yourself at all costs!” As an example, note the flare-up of the Occupy movement, which is about taking back control but through shaking fists in the air without a lot of constructive change. Yet now that Neptune is in Pisces, there is a watery edge to that notion: Neptune here slyly presents an image of what is true and you have the option of opening to sense the truth of it and, if you’re really intrepid, align with it as you leave behind illusion and deception.

Well, what does that look like? In terms of diet and health, you have the opportunity every minute of every day to hear the messages of your body, to listen to what your consumption habits and patterns yield in you as an energetic being. How do you feel while you’re eating? (Are you even aware?) What about after you eat? And how what you eat today makes you feel tomorrow?

The importance of Neptune’s invitation concerning health and self-care cannot be overemphasized. Your truth meter just got itself a fancy ol’ turbo booster thingy affixed to it – are you willing to honor the truth that you feel in your whole being? Are you ready to take back control of your health and self-care by aligning with truth as you feel and sense it, even if it goes against what you have been repeatedly told over decades is true?

Currently, the planet of nurturing – Ceres – is transiting Aries and close to making a conjunction with Eris, the planet of discord and strife. In order to nurture yourself now, take charge boldly of how you experience food choice, eating, digestion, assimilation, and evacuation. To nurture your whole being now, you must create discord and strife in the status quo of your day-to-day life. Eris’s deal with strife and discord stimulates evolution, growth, and healing, yet often in the short term seems simply to create chaos. But we need to be shaken out of the status quo in order to do new things that work better than what we’ve been living with. With disruption as Eris brings it, we are not tossed into scenarios that require we creatively transcend insecurity and perceived limitation – we need Eris’s influence to see how we can choose to move into better futures.

Personally, I have been marveling at some of the garbage I’ve been putting in my food hole lately. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say it’s about slipping out of conscious awareness – it happens sometimes, even to people who teach others to channel and take care of themselves better. The way I’ve felt (gutter-related) reminds me of my perception of my late father who – with his incredibly full 4th house (including Cancer Sun, plus Taurus Moon in the 1st) and a misunderstanding of how to deal with emotions – in effect ate himself into supremely crappy health and an early death. I have gone back and forth over the years from trying not to be like him to having compassion for his journey and simply making better choices, but the article linked to above sparked the part of me that has the entire time known the truth of what is really going on.

So, who’s in charge of you? What do you do on a daily basis to care for yourself in proactive, empowered ways that keep you in the present moment as the conscious, energetic being that you are?

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Pluto in Capricorn asks you to be your own boss while challenging you to upgrade your relationship with Saturn energy from harsh judge and critic to nurturing parent figure – you will never create health and balance if you are berating yourself! Neptune in Pisces asks you to sense and then surrender to the truth as you feel it while challenging you to leave behind illusion and facade in favor of that which vibrates undeniably high. When it comes to health and self-care, make yourself ready to take back the direction of your life by aligning yourself with your higher truth. You and the planet will be better off for it – we are all so hungry for truth and to learn to live according to our own sense of truth. And we are ready to take charge of our lives and seed new ways of living and being based in what vibrates as undeniably true.

Please align your truth. Please be intrepid and leave behind illusion and deception when it comes to caring for yourself.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand and do what your soul came here to do. The channeled Soul Healing: Family e-course begins April 7th.