6/3 Full Moon Grounding & Releasing Call with Ascended Master Djehuty

Join me at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern this Sunday for a unique opportunity to release beliefs that don’t serve you.

We’ve learned that our beliefs create our reality. What is not always obvious is the lens through which we are looking at any given time – each is determined by our beliefs and we can upgrade them at any time. Ascended Master Djehuty will lead you through a deeply grounding meditation and then we will do energy work on all callers to support the release of energies, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that do not serve you.

The Sun in Gemini asks us to see what is right in front of us. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will have us feeling our attachments to our beliefs. This is an incredible chance to do something proactive and self-loving to release old beliefs and plant new seeds when it comes to the lens through which you see the world.

Djehuty asks us to see ourselves as his partners in the human evolution game. He comes through to support us in evolving no matter what that means. At present this requires that we shed past conceptions that have us suffering and confused in order to get more present in order to be conscious operators of our lives.

Offered on a sliding scale donation basis. Full details in my calendar here. Comments from last month’s Scorpio Supermoon call are in the calendar entry.

Join us for this amazing call!

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand and do what your soul came here to do. Eleven books, two original natal reports, and numerous astrology and channeled MP3s are available through tdjacobs.com. Join Tom Jacobs when he channels Ascended Master Djehuty for a Full Moon Grounding & Release call for the Sagittarius Full Moon to release beliefs you no longer need so you can be more fully present and in compassionate charge of your life.