The Recording of the June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon Grounding/Releasing Call is Available

Offered on the same donation basis as the call (suggested $10-25), this recording is now available. Click here to go to the donation page or read more below.

Ascended Master Djehuty begins this transformative call with a discussion of belief and puts it in context with the Sagittarius Full Moon which has the Sun in Gemini – asking us to see what is in front of us – and the Moon in Sagittarius – asking us to feel our attachments to our beliefs.

After this he leads callers through a process to release common beliefs held by many humans, focusing primarily on safety. They he takes us on a tour of each of the seven chakras beginning with the root/1st in order to address beliefs that can be stored there relative to the areas of life affected by each energy center. Along the way he and I performed energy work on each caller to support the release process.

Due to the nature of his consciousness, Djehuty remains available to facilitate this process for you – including doing energy work as he did for each caller – as long as the recording exists. This is powerful work! Here are some comments from people on this call:

Thanks for yesterday’s Full Moon call. Those sessions are amazing. The effect on me is something I can only call seismic. I rested for an hour afterwards and today I still feel strange, as if I’m visiting the engine rooms of a lifelong grumpiness; yet I can be serene and amused about it because I know that after processing for a while I will feel and see things newly. Thanks to you, and Djehuty, for the abundance of your exciting work.

Thanks so much for all you do! I feel blessed. It is so amazing to be on these conference calls with Djehuty. I get a real sense of being connected with the divine. I feel like Djehuty hears me when I talk to him (which I do on a regular basis) and it gets reflected in what we clear on the calls! It makes me have 100% faith that we have help on the other side.

The quality of the healing was amazing! I was totally out the call ended and I did not know till 10 min after…. Then I went into some deep altered space for another hour!
Thank you! I feel a lot lighter!!

Donate here and I will send you the link to download the MP3 within one day.

Also join us for the call before the next Full Moon on July 2nd at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern. Details and the link to register are here.

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