June 24th: The First of Seven Pluto-Uranus Squares

Tensions are mounting as Pluto and Uranus get closer to perfecting the first of seven squares over the next three years. The date for this first exact contact is June 24th and it will occur at 8 degrees and change of Capricorn-Aries.

All who have points and planets in early-mid Cardinal signs will be affected directly by this important event. Pluto in Capricorn asks us to get real, authentic, and in touch with who we really are. Sometimes this happens through pressure that reveals our survival drives and other usually hidden motivations. Things can get serious when we find ourselves feeling backed into a corner of some kind and Pluto wants us to dig deep and find the part of us that knows it will survive and can thrive and prosper no matter what comes our way. That it is in Capricorn now relates to structure, maturity, and responsibility. We’re asked now how we will care for ourselves and if we will choose to be really, truly in charge of our lives.

Uranus in Aries asks us to free ourselves from what constrains and confines us by choosing individuality and authenticity in the face of the status quo. Each of us develops a status quo over time and Uranus in transit reveals clearly when we need to shake it up in some way. This can be through redefinition of current terms or throwing something out of our sphere. Often with Uranian energy we tolerate something until we simply can do so no longer and must … well, sometimes the word is “explode” but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a sudden knowing that we need to move on from something. The suddenness tends to surprise others a lot and even us, the decision makers. That this is now happening in Aries is about instinct, acting without thinking, and being in the moment/being fully present.

The square between them will bring the need to change.

On one hand it is that simple. On the other hand we have to acknowledge that humans don’t usually like to change – especially when outer planets are telling us we need to! Tension is arising now that needs to be resolved – this is the bottom line. None of us can escape the reality of the tension building between these outer planets.

Look at what planets and points you have in early Cardinal signs and parse out the aspects Pluto and Uranus are making (conjunctions infuse, sextiles stimulate and trigger, squares pressure, trines boost, and oppositions confront and block). Pluto will want you to get more real about what it’s contacting while Uranus will ask you to free yourself from structures that bind you or leave you feeling less than alive.

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