Transiting Pluto on the MC and Lilith in the 10th

This morning I met with a client with transiting Pluto very near her Midheaven. One of her questions was about transitioning into work that is more interesting and fulfilling. Where she works now she’s perceived as someone who does routine administrative work yet she knows she definitely has more to offer.

I told her that with Saturn in Pisces/12th conjunct Chiron in the same sign and house, figuring out the right work might not come right away. But she’s been in the working world a long time and I feel she’s ready to figure out the right thing for her.

The reading was a Lilith reading, which I’m offering for the month of June to give you the scoop on your true Black Moon Lilith and the asteroid Lilith (1181) in your chart. Explaining what the true Black Moon (BML) in the 10th and Capricorn is about, it naturally brought in the themes of the Pluto transit to the MC.

With Pluto where it is now, she will naturally want to redefine who she is in the world. Her roles at work and in her various communities are ready for reinvention. One thing to say is that those that do not work well or serve her will need to be bulldozed so that better things can be created in their places, but it doesn’t have to be dramatic. Especially since she is now interested in moving her work into a new arena even if not entirely sure at this point what that is – willingness and openness are keys to easing into it and not feeling the dreaded dramatic effects attributed as necessary to Pluto transits.

But her thoughts on work will bring up any issues about that true BML in Capricorn/10th. Any time she’s been treated unfairly at work or pigeonholed into living within the perceptions of others, her feelings about these experiences will be stirred now. Anger might come up because such experiences evidence a lack of fairness and justice – and might be further evidence that she is now not respected as she has not been in the past – and we talked about ways to speak up in those public contexts and deal with the results of being seen as a Lilith figure.

Normally with a Pluto transit to the MC I’d talk with a client about revamping the public image and choice of what environments he or she deems worth being in, acknowledging that some existing ones just do not work and will have to go. But with the true BML here, a lifetime of experiences may have seemed to show her that she won’t be equal or respected at work and in her community no matter what she does.

Lilith represents what cannot be controlled and those with prominent Liliths bring the energy of the uncontrolled wherever they go. To our minds this can sound terrible but we are animals who are essentially extensions of the Earth itself – we carry the wild and to be healthy and sane we need to honor this fact and embrace Lilith within us. For her to do this she will have to say exactly what she wants and needs to say, be who she needs and wants to be, and then gracefully accept that any guff or criticism she might receive as a result is a reflection of the fear that others have of the wild, or what cannot be controlled. When others respond to us as a Lilith figure it can look like we’d be better off if we kept our mouths shut but this isn’t true.

We’re better off when we are honest and let others reflect to us if we’re in the wrong place or that it’s time to move on.

Being a Lilith figure isn’t always easy but we can avoid difficulty by trusting our instincts as worth listening to and honoring them by acting on them without reservation. If we guide ourselves by them we open the door to flow with the energy of the natural world as it exists within us. And there are at some times places in which we’re entangled that cannot deal with the energy of the instinctive wild. Instead of fighting it/other people, we need to humbly accept that we need to be in a better place with more compassionate and instinctive people who are willing to get how we’re wired. We need to get that being Lilith isn’t the problem but that thinking we need to fight the status quo at the expense of our happiness and fulfillment are in fact the problem.

During the reading she shared with me that she was a Women’s Studies major in college. So her experience with and exposure to patriarchal modes that don’t work and in fact damage individuals of all kinds goes back a while. She has in fact her whole life been a symbol for Lilith with this 10th house placement, not knowing why people responded to her the way she did – as a troublemaker, malcontent, or some other negative Lilith label. We discussed forgiving everyone everywhere across time as a healing route for her Lilith while keeping in mind that the patriarchy has been a necessary step in human evolution. Read the full story on that in the new book Lilith: Healing the Wild.

The Pluto-t0-MC transit for this woman will depend on making peace with these truths about Lilith and making the choice to inhabit herself publicly without apology. Because of some elements of her history in this life as a Lilith figure in public/the world/the workplace and the difficulty and pain that might be carried in her energetic field as a result, this might be challenging. But to revamp who she is in public will be about being willing to revamp who she is willing to be in public. And to be Lilith without apology, without shame, and without self-doubt of any kind will pave the way for her to be a positive Lilith figure in public. We each can do this if we chose to come out of anger by choosing compassion, but because of her 10th house and the current Pluto transit to her MC, it’s a louder invitation for her than most.

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