Pluto and Uranus Approach the First Square in Capricorn-Aries

Some thoughts on the square in an earlier post here.

I thought I’d offer some examples of how this is heating up for people.

One client has Pluto on his IC and Uranus on his Descendant for his solar return (occurred last week), activating his Mars-Lilith-Eris in Aries on the Descendant. It is raising the stakes for him to continue to dig deep into his motivations for doing things and for engaging in relationship (natal Mars on the DSC squaring his IC). Pluto will ask him to shed all Mars-related patterns from the past (squaring Mars from the IC) as well as allow what he finds in his inner psychic basement (IC) to inform how and why he expresses his desire for anything whatsoever (square Mars-Lilith-Eris in Aries on the DSC).

Another client has her Saturn-Eris in Aries/8th. Uranus conjunct her Saturn-Eris now invites her to free herself from all work and working-world scenarios that don’t work for her. Because Eris is involved she’s been learning how to end patterns of competition at work and to allow that when others try to compete with her, the truth is that she’s challenging (probably inadvertently) their insecurities (Eris) and she needs to let them have those insecurities and not get caught up in conflict. Pluto squaring her Saturn-Eris from the 5th challenges her now to believe in herself and her unique contribution (5th house) and see the reality of what she as a unique individual has to offer (Capricorn/5th) as she steps out on her own in self-employment, the direction she’s been leaning toward for a long time.

A third client has the square not hitting anything major in her chart but Uranus in the 6th and Pluto in the 3rd. The structure of her perceptions (Capricorn/3rd) is being bulldozed as she sees realistically how her thoughts create her routines and how those routines leave her feeling trapped (the square between the 3rd and 6th houses with Uranus in the 6th). She’s working to free her mind from old patterns in order to get more present and be more fully free to be exactly who she is.

For me, this is highlighting my natal square between Jupiter in Capricorn/3rd and Venus-Pluto in Libra/12th. My Jupiter is being asked to evolve (Pluto) through surrendering beliefs and tinted lenses through which I see the world. My Venus-Pluto are being pressured by Pluto to be present (from Capricorn/3rd) while being confronted by Uranus in the 6th. One way this is happening is that I am undoing a habit within relationship to clam up when I’m upset about something. At times I’ve done that because I’ve carried a belief that people won’t listen to me (Pluto-Venus in Libra/12th square Jupiter in Capricorn/3rd). At other times it’s because I’ve got some unkind things to say that I know in my heart I don’t mean, so I try to keep nastiness and pettiness to a minimum by not speaking in those moments. Essentially I err on the side of silence because I feel pain when I hurt others (Cancer SN + a ton of stuff in Libra).

I’m with a woman now who has asked me to say whatever it is that’s going on for me, especially when I am feeling upset about something or with her and our relationship. The square between these outer planets leads me to see clearly in a given moment the habitual impulse to withdraw (Venus-Pluto in the 12th) and I catch myself. I take a deep breath, pause, and then state simply and clearly what I have to say … and it always works well to relieve/release tension. The truth is that I don’t have be nasty – I actually can simply state the feeling and communicate clearly. And I love how it betters communication and trust – this is the best medicine imaginable for what ails that Venus-Pluto in Libra/12th! I’m unwinding beliefs about not being heard, which are deep because Pluto is involved. She always listens and this teaches me that the part of me that wants to clam up (and, frankly, brood) is wrong – people are listening, people are available to listen.

All transits when viewed in one way seek to get us to learn that our beliefs are wrong. But this particularly potent energy building between Pluto and Uranus at present simultaneously challenges us to dig deep in order to find the truth about the faulty beliefs we might be running about structure, responsibility, and the practical side of love (Pluto in Capricorn) and stay present to immediate, original, and novel solutions (Uranus in Aries).

The three-year period over which the seven Pluto-Uranus squares play out (now to 2015) will present unprecedented doorways into remarkable kinds and levels of growth for all of us. Check how willing you are right now to have your inner world shaken up and then take some time to prepare yourself for the reality that the intensity building between these two planets is pressuring each of us to choose to be more real and free, to bring more of our authentic selves out. This will happen through inspiring us to release the past, which we tend to respond to in one of two ways: we either fear losing identities as the people we have always been or we embrace learning something new about ourselves in the present moment. The full story from me on this square and 2012’s Pluto retrograde period is in an e-book available at my site and in Kindle.

About a week after the first square is exact I’ll lead a teleconference to channel Ascended Master Djehuty for the Capricorn Full Moon to help you release energies and beliefs picked up from family, culture, and nation that no longer serve you. The previous two calls had callers reporting profound changes to their lives and in some cases health as patterns from the past were released. We do energy work on all callers, making this an important opportunity for release and healing.

Join me 7/2 at 6 pm Pacific for the next call – it will provide a direct outlet for you to release energies, patterns, and beliefs from the past that are being stirred up now by the first Pluto-Uranus square.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand and do what your soul came here to do. Eleven books, two original natal reports, and numerous astrology and channeled MP3s are available through Join Tom Jacobs when he channels Ascended Master Djehuty for a Full Moon Grounding & Release call for the Capricorn Full Moon to release beliefs you no longer need so you can be more fully present and in compassionate charge of your life.