Pluto and Uranus Square Off Tomorrow

If something is coming to the surface for you, speak it.

Give it words. Let it come into the full light of conscious awareness by verbalizing it.

It is not only so that you might feel heard by another but also so that you are heard by yourself. If you let the frustration cycle through on its own – according to the normal way you try to process on your own – you can lose a grip on logic. You can cease making sense and at times feed those beliefs about what is happening in and around you that you are now supposed to be dashing against the rocks of realism and proactive self-empowerment.

The pressure between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn brings pre-existing tensions to the surface. If we try not to make waves or say difficult things, this tension gets bottled up. Pluto and Uranus each want authenticity, with Pluto insisting that you don’t yet know who you are fully because you haven’t fully admitted the unconscious into consciousness. Uranus insists that specific action be taken to free yourself from what doesn’t work for you, creating yourself always to be more authentic than your old habits and patterns can allow.

The combination packs a lot of power but by allowing things to be clear and spoken you ensure that you are participating in this unfolding process in your life. Doing so will alleviate tension and bring understanding to the situation. Add in acceptance of what’s happening and compassion for self and other and you have a formula for navigating this challenging time with intention, ease, and grace.

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