Monday, July 2nd is the next Grounding and Releasing Call with Djehuty

The day before the Capricorn Full Moon I’ll facilitate another channeled Full Moon Grounding and Releasing call.

It’s an opportunity to get deeply grounded and in your body so that you can deal with whatever emotions might come up during the Full Moon on July 3rd. Full Moons are great times for releasing old energies and making breaks with old patterns that no longer work in your life.

As I channel Ascended Master Djehuty during this hour, he will lead us through a meditation to ground us and provide affirmations for releasing energies specific to the Capricorn Full Moon, when the Sun is in Cancer highlighting issues about family, emotion, history, and belonging, and the Moon is in Capricorn highlighting issues about the need to live our own, autonomous lives and be the kind of people, adults, parents, partners, professionals, and humans that we choose to be. This call will open doors for you into separating from family patterns and allegiances that bring you tension and/or pain – you can release a ton near and at the Full Moon.

During this process Djehuty and I will do energy work on all callers to support releasing blocks to grounding and feeling good about being in a body and also to ease the release of old energies that are ready to go. Those on the Scorpio and Sagittarius Full Moon calls have reported profound shifts with their emotions and sometimes even health, as physical health is always a manifestation of energetic health. Getting grounded like this with Djehuty and experiencing the releasing and energy work with us will change your life for the better and I encourage you to join us for each monthly call.

Themes in this call will include:

  • releasing the energetic and psychic inheritances from family, clan, society, and nation
  • being free and clear to nurture yourself in the ways that work best for you now
  • unclouding family relationships and dynamics to create more presence now, regardless of the state of those relationships
  • issues with food being tied to love
  • wrapping up unresolved issues with family members both alive and passed away
  • creating more acceptance and belonging for yourself today regardless of family history
  • cultivating gratitude for the karmic incubator your family has provided – making peace with the Divine purpose your family dynamics have fulfilled even if they were difficult to experience


Monday, July 2nd at 6 pm Pacific/9 PM Eastern. Offered on a donation basis with a sliding scale. Read feedback from previous calls and register via PayPal here. If you want to register using a credit card and avoid PayPal, contact me – I’m now taking credit cards outside PayPal.

I hope you can join me for this special opportunity! After typing out the themes above, it sounds like everyone who’s been born on Earth could use this call! Spread the word to all you know who are dealing with family issues past or present and could use some clearing, insight, healing, releasing, and peace when it comes to family and history.

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