Who is Djehuty and what are these Full Moon Grounding & Release Calls all about?

Thursday at 6 pm Pacific time I’ll host another channeled call for grounding and release. Those who call in every month know the benefits they receive, yet here I’m going to explain a bit about what happens on the call for anyone interested in checking it out but not sure about it. Also, I’ll tell a bit about my experience in getting to know him and ultimately channeling him.

Before I describe the steps Djehuty leads us through during the call, I should introduce him. He is known to all cultures on Earth by one name or another as a translator, mediator, scribe, and teacher figure. Most people these days know him as Thoth, his Greek name. Many others know him as St. Germain, the keeper of the violet flame of forgiveness. Still others know him as the alchemical magician Merlin.

Djehuty is his Egyptian name. He’s told me that they way that culture approached him is more valuable for us our evolution now than how other cultures conceived of and worked with him.

He is here to support humans in our evolution, no matter what it takes. He comes through as a teacher and translator for anyone who asks. Because my goals had to do with teaching about soul and using astrology to see the soul’s journey of any person, this is what he helped me with. It serves my evolution as a being but my ability to articulate it for others serves their evolution, too.

When he first came through me I had not encountered this name before but I did know about Thoth. He came in to answer questions I had about astrology and soul that I felt my readings and studies of astrologers’ and religions’ conceptions of soul had left unanswered. I sensed there were keys no one had collected together in one place before, and I was seriously curious to figure it out. I asked if there were any benevolent beings floating around out there (yes, a bit tongue-in-cheek because I am not sure I had faith I would really get answers) who could help me out.

I started to sense answers to my questions but faintly, as though a voice from another room. In time I began to trust it because the information vibrated as important, real, and true. As I trusted more, he brought me more and more and eventually I could hear him in my head loud and clear. When I connected this supportive being with the name “Thoth” (and I fully opened) he was able to come through me directly and I experienced numerous consciousness “software upgrades” from him so that I could carry his frequency and grasp what he intended to teach me and, I realized later, teach through me.

By this time I many of my basic questions answered. New insights triggered new questions and I now had a sort of a tutor who was generously and graciously filling in the gaps of the picture in my head. The result of about 5 years of tutoring was The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel. As readers began responding and my client work jumped to the next levels as a result of these teachings, I began channeling him directly and he was by this time calling himself Djehuty to and through me.

Four books and numerous MP3s and monthly channeling calls later, we began doing these Full Moon calls each month. They are the next step in my relationship with Djehuty but also in how I offer his teachings. These calls use his level of consciousness as the springboard for callers to get deeply grounded to the Earth (which leads to being more willing to be present to and in their bodies) and release energies do not serve them (beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, etc.).

Callers regularly report transformative experiences. They’re being exposed to Djehuty’s frequency and if they allow him to affect them – it all works on free will and so the caller can choose what level of effect he or she experiences – he helps them move unwanted and unneeded energy from their field. The two of us also do energy work on all callers to help the grounding and release processes, which is impactful. We can all do these two things but the support from Djehuty creates a solid, foundational container in which the process is easier and we feel stronger and more successful at it than when alone.

This leads to being more grounded in life in general. And since we’re talking about moving energy out of the field/consciousness, there is less static in life going forward. Stagnant energy in the form of old beliefs contributes to and creates health issues on all levels, so these calls are in large part about setting callers up to experience themselves as their own healers with a little Ascended Master support.

I absolutely love doing these calls. I also love sending the recording to all callers so that they can go through the process as often as they want or need to to deepen the results. Energy work is done in layers, and repeated efforts to release in order to ground and be happier and healthier take you deeper into the process. Each call happens around the Full Moons, great times for release, but the calls in fact harness the energy of the Full Moon. Listening to them later is just as powerful as calling in to go through the process live with us.

Previous FM call MP3s can be purchased here but I encourage you to call in live if you can – you’ll still benefit tremendously from the MP3s if you open to the process, but there is a palpable sense of community as dozens of people opening with a shared intention to grounding to the Earth and releasing what no longer serves them.

Currently the calls and the MP3s are offered on a sliding scale of $10-25, though there may be a price for each set soon. I encourage you to take advantage of the current flexible pricing and “get in on the ground floor” of these opportunities for conscious evolution.

The Pisces FM call is Thursday, August 30th from 6-7 pm Pacific time and receive energy work and support for releasing all blocks to surrendering to your own personal truth and the Divine perfection of the world around you.