29Oct: Taurus Full Moon call with Ascended Master Djehuty

A grounding and clearing call for the Taurus Full Moon with Ascended Master Djehuty.

The Sun in Scorpio will shed light on power dynamics in the present – who gets to be strong when and why, etc. – while conjuncting Saturn early in the sign. This will bring in past issues about power dynamics and who gets to be strong when and challenge us to sort through old models of authority, structure, doing, respect, and morality. We will also see more into hidden motivations that guide us and others, bringing more subtext to the surface.

The Full Moon in Taurus will reflect to the logical, Sun-based part of us that intention is important. Making self-interested choices aligned with one’s value system is the only way to start the ball rolling when it comes to creating anything worth doing. This Moon will ask us to see the past and present debris and conceptions of power and strength and look beyond them to fashion a path forward that serves us on all levels.

Djehuty will lead us through a grounding meditation to get us deeply connected to the Earth and do energy work to help you if you have blocks to doing that. Then he will lead us through a series of affirmations to set ourselves free from past power dynamics, issues, and confusions to get the most from the Taurus Full Moon.

12 noon – 1 pm Pacific.
$10-25 on a donation basis. If you can’t make this time, register and send me a note telling me you want the MP3 after the call.
Call-in details will be sent to all who register prior to 10 am on the day of the call.
Register via PayPal or call (213) 925-6019 to arrange payment via credit card or check.


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