What if there’s nothing wrong with you?

What if what looks like it’s wrong is a marker of something being out of balance?

What if you are the way you are because experience has shaped you in certain directions?

What if there’s nothing wrong with you but you’re in need of unwinding tension, stress, pain, discomfort, or something else under the surface?

Someone said to me recently about an emotional thing in her life, “I wish I knew what was wrong with me.” It triggered these questions in me and, hours later, it’s still there. So here we are.

My evolutionary astrology, channeling, mediumship, energy work, and counseling work with people has shown me that there’s nothing wrong with anyone. Not even those we label as evil because there is a source behind those behaviors and ways of being that explain why and how they got there. Everyone’s responsible for what they do yet everyone also is an energetic being learning about being human through making choices and dealing with the consequences. It’s all about free will here and we get to make the choices … and learn to deal with what happens next.

The context of my friend’s comment was an emotional issue. She seems to think that everyone else on the planet in that particular regard has nothing wrong with them – so there is an expectation that it’s true that there is such a thing as “normal” that she’s carrying. We all compare ourselves to those around us but the thing is that we’re all trying to be seen in a certain way. We have presentations of self as well as who we really are. And that’s not to mention the fact that all we see is interpreted by our minds, which are very concerned with various things. Not being normal tends to be one of those things the mind focuses on quite a lot.

So what if there’s nothing wrong with you? What if what distresses you about you is the reasonable and probable/expected result of experience and the beliefs you’ve attached to experience?

Humans are energetic beings. We encounter energy and respond emotionally, which is a truth to write down in like 25 places and add giant stars next to each inscription. Our emotional landscapes are in fact maps of our energetic experiences in life and the labels affixed to them.

Re-read that, please:

Humans are energetic beings. We encounter energy and respond emotionally. Our emotional landscapes are in fact maps of our energetic experiences in life and the labels affixed to them.

The astrological and spiritual counseling work I do takes into account a vision of you as an energetic being learning through experiences but affixing labels to why things happen to you. Most of those labels, by the way, are nonsense – but we all do it. And there is always a correction we need when we encounter beliefs about why things happen to us.

Statement: “I don’t want to speak my truth because I’m afraid of dying. I think a mob ganged up on me and killed me in another life.”
Correction: In that other life you didn’t die because you spoke your truth. You died because you and others were in the process of learning to deal with the truth and you as a divine being graciously offered to teach them to confront it by bringing it to them. So please speak your truth already.

Statement: “My father was never there for me and I don’t feel loved.”
Correction: You as a soul asked your father’s soul not to love you in the right way so you would learn to do it yourself. So please love yourself already in all the ways that you need.

And there are as many others as things we think are wrong with us.

There’s nothing wrong with any of us. We’re in a complex process of learning over many lifetimes while operating and feeling subjected to these intricate energetic fields that have us constantly receiving energetic input and responding emotionally.

Over time we get kinks in the field and what looks like it’s wrong in fact simply indicates something that is out of balance. And that brings me back to the definition of healing I’ve been shown through my channeling work: Coming into balance through deep self-awareness and absolute self-acceptance. When we do this we release the blocks, knots, bruises, and kinks and life flows much more smoothly.

We also stop seeing ourselves and others in terms of what about us and them isn’t “normal”.

We are who we are. We’re each learning about free will and how to deal with the results.

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