A New Year’s Guide for Energetic Beings

A new article available on my site today – the intro:

The end of a calendar year brings hope of a better year to come. We encourage ourselves and each other to look ahead to the possibilities waiting for us in a new year yet it can be challenging to separate ourselves from our histories of looking forward to better years year after year and, sometimes, finding a bit (or a ton) of disappointment instead.

The famed year of mysteries and amazing opportunities for human evolution is just about over as of this writing. Some might be wondering what’s next now that it’s clear no disaster has accompanied the end of the Mayan Calendar. Even those who have chosen not to be afraid of the possibilities might not have had a sense of what is to come next – we are living in uncharted times. More than other years it might now seem that we have free license to look ahead with a renewed sense of optimism about what will, can, or might come next. The big thing about 2012 that might have happened didn’t: the poles didn’t shift, there were no life-changing catastrophic weather events, and there was no rapture-like event that changed everything and made some of us into happily flitting angels and others of us conscripted members of eternally-damned chain gangs or something similar. This article is intended to give you some perspective on what exactly did happen from the bird’s-eye view – how your soul, spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters see it – and offer some ideas about where to go next.

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