Thoughts on MLK, Jr

Today is his observed birthday, which is what happens when your memory is adopted or co-opted by a government and used as a work holiday. You’ve done something so cool that your birthday is now for everyone and the actual date you were born is secondary.

I use how he used and embodied his Pluto in Cancer/3rd house frequently as an example with clients learning to give themselves permission either to begin speaking out or to tell the truth (you can read my take on his soul, life, and death in The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel).

King’s Plutonian empowerment journey with Pluto in the 3rd house required him to face the fact that what he thought and said needed to be aligned with what he perceived is truth. Over the course of many lives he would be both empowered and disempowered through learning, teaching, writing, and speaking. Some with Pluto in the 3rd are reeling from the multilife effects of being on one or both sides of the fence with lying, dishonesty, and the manipulation of information. This can lead in some lives to being determined to learn and speak the truth if one gives the self permission to do it. Because some of the disempowerment with Pluto in the 3rd house in some lives can be about being hurt or killed – overpowered in a Plutonian way – because of what you learn, write, think, or say.

mlk jrKing also had rx Neptune in Virgo in the 5th house, indicating that orienting his personal and creative expression toward something extrahuman was needed. There are some lives of this soul in which the humans make choices (Virgo) to gratify the ego (Neptune in the 5th) and when we do that it’s possible to leave out the spiritual quest and/or alignment with truth. In others lives with this signature he probably leans toward asceticism in an effort to get closer to God. Neptune square the nodes says that the soul’s manifested selves (ahem, humans) are exploring the right ways and reasons to do Neptune and how choice and ego factor into the equation. It’s retrograde and so he needed to invent his own Neptunian wheel about why and how to do it. In Virgo there is the element of choice, responsibility, and perhaps at times sacrifice – he is free to deny his spiritual self in favor of Earthly pleasures and in some lives he probably does. There’s nothing wrong with ego over the course of many lives we each learn that doing something extrahuman with ego is what truly satisfies us in the long run.

(We explore all sides of chart potentials over the course of many lives – I’m not trying to defame or deify him here!)

Pallas Athene in Aquarius/10th is also square the nodes. Pallas is in part about standing up for or defending something. In Aquarius that thing is and needs to be (and cannot help but be) different, counter to the prevailing norms, perhaps a bit rebellious or iconoclastic. This is happening in the 10th house and King needed to stand up for something in public that would likely be seen as rebellious and different.

In Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening you can read about my encounter with an angelic energy with which King was aligned. I had been meditating on a photo of King and this being came to contact me directly, and it was awe-inspiring. Through that experience I got a first-hand taste of what it means to align with truth and I think this was not only central to King’s journey with that Pluto and those squares to the nodal axis but also one of the most important things we can take away from his life.

It is an example of aligning with one’s truth to the point that universal, divine truth is welcomed in. When King opened his mouth he shared the vibration of truth and we need to let this inspire us to align our mouths and brains with our spiritual and heart centers.

I use him as a model to keep me mindful of trimming unnecessary thoughts and worry in favor of working in directions that serve all aspects of my being. I also encourage others to do the same through choosing increased awareness of the energies generated by their minds and how those are identified with and turned into verbal and other expression.

What would your life be like if your mind surrendered its skills and know-how to serve the love in your heart? It would be like King’s: you would inspire people when you speak and act because you would be doing so from your heart not in a purely emotional way but with your heart as the leader of all parts of you seeking to orient toward manifesting your own personal truth.

And if you choose to manifest it I guarantee that in the process you will be lead, drawn, and magnetized to opportunities that provide you time and space to do what is in your deepest self to do.

And speaking of deifying King, he in a sense deified himself by inhabiting his divine nature. That’s not about feeding an out-of-control ego but aligning ego with something outside the self in which one believes. Speaking the truth for him brought the wisdom of his soul to the surface. Each and every one of us can do the same thing! Don’t worship King or anyone else as a hero but take the example of the choices he made and learn to see how you can make empowered choices. Use him as an example and align with your own truth, letting it lead you to divine truth.

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