Live tonight at 6 pm Pacific on The Soul’s Journey: Approaching Love

algraphicEvolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel Tom Jacobs will share insights into the teachings in the channeled book Djehuty Speaks, a compilation of 4 books. The first of the four, Approaching Love, will be the subject of the show. Tom will take caller questions about soul, love, relationships, and karma mates.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand what your soul is here to do and how to make it happen with grace, ease, and joy. Book your private consultation, get a Soul’s Journey Soundbite, and explore intuitive coaching and astrology tutoring by visiting Jacobs offers 12 books including the new The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional ArchaeologyThe Soul’s Journey radio show airs live each Thursday at 6 pm Pacific on Contact Talk Radio.