New Class Begins 08Apr13: Learn to Read Karma & Past Lives in Birth Charts

Based on the teachings in The Soul’s Journey I & II books, I’m leading a 7-week class to teach you to quickly glean the karmic story and info on past lives in birth charts.

My approach opens up the story in each and every chart. Clients are amazed at how accurately I can see the dynamics of their lives. Students often marvel at how much their time studying charts is reduced as a result of using these techniques.

We’ll focus on karma and the karmic indicators in the chart, namely Pluto, the South Node (SN), SN rtsjruler by sign, and North Node. The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel lays out the principles with examples of well-known people and from my client files. The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional Archaeology explores the material in an intensive workshop situation with 7 brave, willing souls ready to look at their emotional histories in this life, which tell of the soul’s multilife journey.

In the class I’ll give you tools to make the info in the books easy to work with so your chart work is more efficient and, for your client, yield more useful juice. You’ll receive handouts and do practice work on charts in class to deepen your understanding of how a person’s multilife journey – the journey of soul – shows up in the chart. I’ll also coach you on how to think through telling a karmic story, something people usually have to do tutoring with me to experience.

Check the schedule and read the flier. Join me for this opportunity to get the inside scoop on this exciting way of doing astrology to understand the soul’s journey!

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