Gate to Hell Discovered in Turkey

Read a news story about the discovery.

I probably seem like a broken record when telling people that they can in fact get down into Plutonian realms and survive. With enough conscious intent, grounding, and compassion for self we can in fact thrive after visiting our own inner depths.

Reading the story linked above made me think again of Persephone, in this story called Kore. (Read an article for free on my site, a chapter excerpted from Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys.) We carry so much fear about her abduction and what happens after that but we need to learn to be willing to snatch ourselves into new ways of being. If we wait around and hope that someone else will make something better we will draw to ourselves some sort of abduction by a Plutonian other, all of which are not awful. But things have to change and when we live a Persephone story we find out this truth first-hand.

Nothing can remain the same. Same goes with learning to live a Pluto story in a conscious way. Doing a Pluto story we look at things within us that we try to keep out of awareness. This includes ugliness, pettiness, jealousy, anger, intense pain, and the urge to lash out at others or hurt ourselves because of any of these things. In my view, evolution requires learning to look both at Pluto and Persephone issues within us – those parts that feel dark and unacceptable and those that fear finding out they might be.

You can hear about my spiritual-psychological approach to Persephone in an MP3, “Persephone: Myth and Archetype.” Included is a handout with the asteroid Persephone (399) in the signs and houses so you can begin to delineate your own placement.

The article above says that, “People could watch the sacred rites from these steps, but they could not get to the area near the opening. Only the priests could stand in front of the portal.” To evolve as humans now we need to get that we no longer need intermediaries between our conscious and unconscious selves.

You can get closer to consciously living your own Plutonian self through the new course beginning today, April 8th. Reading the Soul’s Journey: Seeing Karma and Past Lives in Birth Charts will teach you to see evolutionary astrology the way that I do, which has been significantly transformed through working with the ascended master I channel. He has tutored me on the nature and journey of soul including what karma is and how to change it.

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