Announcing The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study

tsj3 coverI’m excited to announce the publication of this new book!

The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study extends and expands upon a view of a human as a multidimensional soul living many lives.  It contains analyses of one person’s chart in terms of 19 of his soul’s other lives, what we have to date called past lives.

The first book in the series lays out the principles I use to analyze the soul’s journey in birth charts. The second brings them to life in a workshop setting to teach people to understand and change karma. This third book deepens the story by using a single chart to explore a number of a human’s other lives.

The person studied is me, as it happens. A Scorpio part of me cannot believe that I wrote this book (let alone am sharing it with others) but the story about soul, integration, healing, and changing karma that it tells is too important to keep under Scorpio wraps.

The book begins with sections explaining the shift from thinking of past lives to other lives. A new definition of what it means to be human is given in detail that sets up the 19 other-life stories included making up the rest of the book.

This cutting-edge material is a fresh, inside look at one person’s emotional journey through many lives. It’s a must-have for all interested in evolutionary astrology, soul and its multilife journey, integrating other lives, and getting present now to live what they came here to do.

Read more and get the paperback or e-book through me.

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