Healing Past Lives & Neptunian Synchronicities

tsj3 coverAs I finished editing the new book The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study I made some mental notes of my other-life (past-life) stories contained within it I’m still processing. The book tells the story of my soul’s journey to illustrate the path of many humans, of whom I am one.

A story I’m still working with has to do with feeling connected to family. In the book I describe a life of my soul in which the man loses a number of family members in a single event. The imprint of grief and loss is something I feel and deal with regularly in this life, though the feeling and its depth are out of proportion to what I have experienced as Tom Jacobs.

Last Thursday night on The Soul’s Journey radio show intuitive Cameron Steele did a brief reading for me. The first thing he shared with me was a guide of some sort coming through with a G name – Greta or Gretchen. He said she has a speech disorder of some kind. It didn’t ring any bells for me but I know that intuitive readings like that are sometimes in a kind of code you don’t get right away.

After the show my girlfriend told me she had found a movie she wanted to watch with me. It’s about an Irish orphan name Tomas and she said his facial expressions reminded her of me. As we talked about it before watching we realized that her late grandmother Gertrude – who comes through in her intuitive/mediumship readings – had come through to Cameron. It turns out that the character in the movie stutters. I have no doubt that Gertrude had nudged my girlfriend to check out this movie the day before Gertrude came through in my own intuitive reading!

The movie is about this little boy’s experience being taken from an orphanage to be adopted by a couple on a remote island. Shortly after the bonding between the boy and his new mother is up and running she gets sick and dies. The distant and cold-seeming husband is left to parent of the boy and they go through this healing cathartic dealio and the guy finally opens his heart and commits to adopting the boy. Ah yes, it is heart-warming and it seems to say there is hope for us all when it comes to healing family issues.

So this is how Neptune works when you let it: weird things that we’ve become accustomed to calling synchronicities pile up and show you things you need to see. After a decade of living this way I’m used to my guides, Ascended Master Djehuty, and even other people’s dead-relative guides coming through to help me out. I know I need to heal the family thing from other lives and whenever I feel at a loss to figure out how to do it, I’m nudged toward hints and suggestions.

In The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study I explain how I make contact with other-life (past-life) selves through emotional imprints I carry that don’t fit with my biography as Tom Jacobs. It’s a fascinating process! And as far as astrology and past-life books go, this one is unique. I’m using my own chart with my in-depth understanding of soul, evolutionary astrology, past-life integration, and emotional healing to show you how to alter your perception of yourself as a human and evolve. It chronicles my experience working with about 2/3 of the other-life selves I’ve made contact with and integrated over the last decade.

It’s the first book of its kind and is a must-read for all into evolutionary astrology, karma, past lives, and expanding/raising consciousness. I’m proud of it and am excited for you to read it! Get it on Amazon, Kindle, and through my site.

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