Pluto Square Uranus #3, 20May13

It happened yesterday at 11 degrees of Capricorn-Aries, asking us to break free in authentic ways from what binds us. Some of that will be where we have allowed others to make our decisions for whatever reason whether we’re not sure we’re qualified or would just rather not do it.

Squares present tension and this tension between outer planets will ideally show us the need in our own little universes to break free from what we’ve allowed to constrict us and take charge of our lives. What that looks like for different people will vary mostly due to the patterns they have allowed to form in their lives that keep them from feeling in charge of themselves.

A common phrase for this is “giving away our power.” When it comes down to it it’s about being responsible for our lives and answering to ourselves. This is best done without apology and without clinging to things chosen in the past that appear to be mistakes. The intense realism Pluto in Capricorn calls for needs to taken in in the spirit of grounded compassion for the fact that we are each in a long-term learning process as humans.

Your job now is to set yourself free and take responsibility for yourself and your life while giving yourself room to change without heavy-handed expectations of perfection. The energy of Uranus in Aries in the mix says that clarity of perception and efficiency of action are to be rooted in following instinct without editing it because it seems to promise boldness. Be bold – do the thing that sets you free and decide to be unapologetic about meeting your needs and moving on with your life.

Squares by transit can bring out the best in us if we are willing to change, which is about being willing to shed identities attached to past behaviors and ways of living. Are you willing to move ahead? Are you open to shedding the past and being more authentic in this present moment?

The challenge is to get and stay in touch with how you’re changing over time. Decisions you made years and perhaps even months ago effected situations that might not reflect who you are now becoming. This square challenges you to be real but also in touch with how you are changing.

What do you need to change? What in your world needs updating?

Are you willing to look yourself in the eye and, without apology, update your life?

This square is the 3rd of 7, by the way. We’re not even halfway through this challenge to change. The story unfolds as you gain insights into what in your world isn’t working and how you might change it. I suggest allowing yourself to be open to change even when it is challenging and then giving yourself permission to be free of all you’ve created that doesn’t and/or no longer works for you.

You’ll be happier and freer and while these are good things to be it’s actually in the end about your sanity and the flow of energy if your life. If you put off important decisions and changes you cannot fully be yourself.

See my e-book on Pluto in Capricorn including insights into these squares on Kindle for a deeper look at this process.

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