I mean, “lunar opportunity.” But at first I liked the weird places my mind went with with the post title.

I’m sitting here prepping for the radio show tonight realizing that while I have been working with emotional stuff there are a few things I’m not quite done with. The show will be about Jupiter in Cancer and Mercury retro in Cancer and I know where I’m going with it, having titled it “Rethinking Safety.” (More info here.)

Last night I joked with my girlfriend about what I can’t seem to process, what keeps getting left out. We’ve been through a lot the last few weeks in good ways but it’s been tiring. She and I each have strong lunar signatures and it’s been an interesting month.

But after a bunch of relationship things between us and involving others – things that stirred up fears and hesitations and seemed to ask us to jump in with both feet – here’s what’s still bothering me: The morning after we gave to a friend the two hamsters we had for months but to whom we were never really attached, one of them died.

To be honest I am not upset from the fact that one of them died because from the get-go – pre purchase – I’ve been adapting to the idea that they do not live long. I accept that life is fleeting and if you’re going to bother to love a being you need to just do it when that being is in front of you and not freak out when it dies. As stated we were not really attached to these two little guys and they very clearly did not give a single crap about us as long as they had food and water. (I think we each wanted a cat but couldn’t commit because of a history of allergies. I think we may have filtered our experience with the rodents in terms of the original cat hankering, for what it’s worth.)

So, things die. Got it. Pluto-Venus in Libra/12th has to adapt to loss – check. Been working on it. I’m there.

A friend with two small kids we realized would be a better home for the hamsters so we reached out to him. He liked the idea and we got them ready to go. He came to the house and took all the gear with the little guys and then after the weekend he reported that Rick had died.

(Pinball is the one who ran around in circles crazily, literally insanely, bumping into everything else including other hamsters in the hamster box in the store. Rick is the other one, a figure cutting an almost no-nonsense, practically grumpy air in comparison.)

I was bummed to hear that he died but then confused:
Why the night after he left our house? Was he sparing me – Cancer South Node and Venus-Pluto in Libra/12th – the shock of finding him dead?
Was the shock of the move to a new environment too much?
Had he been sick? (Did we miss something we should have seen?)
Should we have been paying more attention?

And on and on with the questions in these veins between processing a bunch of relationship stuff such that wondering why Rick died the night or morning after he left our house seems kind of inconsequential. There were like Earth-shaking realizations and confrontations going on within and between us for a couple of weeks and it was intense. We didn’t have any idea that there might be something we should have an idea about, hamster-wise. I checked on them often and talked with them but that was about it. They’re said to be best as seen and not touched because of the biting so we didn’t handle them much aside from encouraging them into plastic balls in which to run around on the living room floor.

I do have a bit of concern that his brother Pinball probably won’t get another hamster friend – they are said to do well with litter mates and it is advised that you don’t try to introduce them to new folks – and that he will be lonely. So there’s that.

So there, that’s what’s still on my Cancerian mind after several tons of Cancerian processing the last few weeks. It’s like I want to come back repeatedly and ask Jilly, “Yeah, yeah, but why right after he left us? What do you think it means?” And this makes the conversation draw out somewhat because I keep doing it and I’m not satisfied with the answers we’ve been tossing around. She thinks it was the shock of the move to a new home and I’m working to accept that it just might be that simple.

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