9/11/13 on The Soul’s Journey radio: Maya Rasak, MFT and Transformational CPR

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Maya Rasak, MFT will join me on the show to discuss her book Transformational CPR: A Guide To Awaken The Heart and what it takes to commit to self-care and self-healing.

Maya and I exchanged work and became friends during my time in LA and her open, grounded approach to the human emotional experience in herself and others resonates strongly with me.  I am happy to bring her to the show to share insights and swap notes on living a heart-centered life and learning to deal with all that we carry in our hearts.

This is part of my year-long effort to expand the dialogue within you and between us about the nature and place of emotions. It’s related to the transit of Jupiter – the planet of bigness and expansion – through the sign of Cancer – the sign of feeling and emotions. It began in late June of this year and we’re challenged to feel more and, ultimately, deeper. But to use this time well we have to be willing to feel all we can feel and learn to deal effectively with what we carry from the past that has made us who we are (see two videos on this topic on my YouTube channel – the latest two uploads).

About Maya: Maya Rasak is a Board Certified licensed psychotherapist, certified body/mind therapist, author, certified yoga instructor, trained life coach and medrasakitation teacher.  She specializes in all aspects concerning relationships with a focal point on the relationship with one’s self.

Maya works with individuals, couples, and groups, prompting the release of negative thoughts and self-destructive patterns that block the path toward self-fulfillment.  Maya is a graduate from UCLA Department of Theater, Film, and T.V. and holds a Master’s Degree from Antioch University in clinical Psychology.  Her work as a massage therapist and yoga instructor led her to an intensive three-year certification program at the Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy where she could merge all the work she had done with all her studies in Eastern Philosophy, meditation, and mindfulness-based practices.

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