Live on The Soul’s Journey 16Oct13: Adam Elenbaas

Adam Elenbaas credit Andrew Yackira

This coming Wednesday my guest will Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology.

Listen live at 7pm Pacific on Wednesday 10/16/13 via the big red button on this page.
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Adam is organizing and hosting – as well as teaching a webinar – for the 5-part series Astrology at the Edge of Consciousness. His webinar will be on astrology and plant medicine, which we’ll touch on during the show. (I’ll do a webinar as part of the series on 11/21 on the True Black Moon Lilith, focusing on reconnecting to instinct, so be sure to register! 5 great talks over 5 weeks).

This show I’m filing under “Living a Neptunian Life” as Adam and I will discuss approaches to altering consciousness. He’s graciously agreed to share his birth data so listeners can follow along with his chart as we speak to get to know the soul’s journey behind the man.

A handful of shows have had a Neptunian theme as it’s important to me to offer you models of living with Neptune in positive ways. We tend to let ourselves slip into unaware Neptunian behavior because we’ve been taught very few useful things about how to use the energy.

It’s simply not true that the Neptune/Pisces/12th house archetype is not understandable. It’s just that we have to learn to align our Earthly dealios with what we know is true – but of course I mean True. But maybe don’t get me started – tune in Wednesday at 7pm Pacific to hear the rest! It’ll be an organic conversation and I’m looking forward to welcoming Adam to the show.

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