Mercury Retro (21Oct – 10Nov13) Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

Picking up where I left off in yesterday’s post on Mercury’s upcoming retro in Scorpio, the fact that Mercury will be in contact with Saturn in Scorpio for part of its retro period is significant.

The energy of Saturn is about structure, discipline, authority, and creating something valuable over time. Some of what you find might not work as expected (plans, schedules, machines, brains, etc.) will be calls to introduce Saturn energy or up its place in whatever’s happening. It can also seem at times that what you are trying to accomplish that seems not to want to happen may in fact be impossible, which is of course likely not the case.

But Saturn asks us to approach things with more intentionality and discipline than we currently have. Good Saturn work means confronting what needs doing and becoming the kind of person who can and is willing to do it.

Saturn in Scorpio, as explored in the almost 2-hour MP3 linked to above, brings up themes of needing to become structured and disciplined through digging through our unconscious selves and learning to deal with what we find there. Even the things we hoped weren’t real or believed that hiding under the surface would make them go away (shadow parts).

Saturn in this sign seems to demand total and utter honesty, too. So as Mercury stations and then retrogrades (appears to move backward) over Saturn soon expect that some of the emotional history that comes up for you will also call you to get seriously real about the sources of how your life is working. As stated in yesterday’s post most of us tend toward a bias in favor of mental energy and defining ourselves through our minds. The addition of Saturn energy here will call you to look with open eyes at not only what is happening but how it came to be.

As Mercury slows in the sky now it is conjunct Saturn. The conjunction with Mercury heading backwards will be on October 29th. Look for something or a few things from deep inside you to call out for attention between now and then, likely building until the 29th. Suppressing the call of planets working through the lens of Scorpio can lead to various sorts of being bent out of shape and so I advise you to be willing to look into what you think are corners containing darkness but in fact simply have not been having light shined on them. There’s a difference between something bad and something that hasn’t been given a chance to reveal itself as good. And all parts of self have something useful to offer if we can get over our fears of them – of what we might do with them.

As it happens, on the 29th Moon meets Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron-Neptune in Pisces while Pluto trines Mars-Moon and sextiles Chiron-Neptune. This echoes the need to confront emotional realities and not shy away from what is actually happening. The Neptune-Chiron energy in the sign of surrender can tempt us to avoid and escape but the support of Pluto can enable sensing deeper into situations than we might normally feel comfortable.

Back to Mercury’s dance with Saturn: When I talk about Scorpio energy I often mention “making subtext text.” I mean that what is under the surface, not being said and often determining the shape of what’s happening between people or in one’s life, needs to come to the surface and be heard. It’s a way of saying that avoiding saying the thing you need to say will not get you anywhere you want to go.

In the case of this Mercury retro period with the little planet passing over Saturn, there’s an interesting Scorpionic opportunity to gain awareness of what you’re really thinking and why. Every Mercury retro is great for review and rethinking but this one in particular will offer intuitive and sensed avenues into your inner psyche – if you let it happen. Be with Scorpio’s method of feeling deeply into something so that you sometimes lose track of time.

It’s time to allow yourself to wander into yourself so you can find out what unconscious scripts are running that, in fact, determine much about your life that seems beyond your control. Your vibration is creating your life, if you haven’t heard. Now’s the time to get more insight into just what you’re vibrating so you can see how to make a difference.

Stay tuned for a post on the trine from Jupiter-true Black Moon Lilith to Mercury while it stations and another on Mercury’s trine to Neptune-Chiron later in the 3-week retrograde period.

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