“Wonderful – intense and clearly transformative.”

tsdmp3The call (MP3 delivered today) was wonderful – intense and clearly transformative.  I will be working with it for a while.
M., Switzerland

Click the graphic for a link to read more about the event and to order the MP3.

As the channel for this kind of event I have to be able to hold space for all who call in and for the ascended master and archangel to do energy work through me. As each channeling event is meant to stretch listeners through releasing the past and transforming something to enable a solid step forward on their paths, I go through a process of release and transformation prior to the event.

My own process for Transforming Self-Doubt on November 9th began about 3 weeks earlier. I was shown many angles on the primary reason I can doubt myself. I knew it was for the best but it was hard to live through! It meant that my worst fears about myself kept appearing to want to come true – very challenging.

But I knew the whole time it was temporary. It was about me needing to let this source of self-doubt come to the surface so something could be done with it. And then on the call itself the work done through me affected me, too, and afterward I’ve noticed a distinct shift in me.

Prep for a call such as this always happens for me though the speed and intensity can vary. The calls themselves don’t usually affect me as they do those who hear the channeling and go through the process with Djehuty and Metatron. This one, though, did.

Immediately after the call I felt nothing of note. Later that night I had intestinal traffic issues that seemed out of place because nothing I’d eaten would have caused them. As I wasn’t accustomed to being affected as listeners are I didn’t think of the fact that when we experience energy work and shift old things out of our systems, our physical bodies need to adjust. They after all are manifestations of our energetic fields and when something changes energetically the physical body cannot do something other than conform.

The Transforming Self-Doubt meditation focuses on the lower 3 chakras, and so having lower GI-tract issues would make sense.

But since then I’ve noticed a definite change in my ability to be still in my body. I still need to move often (Mars-Uranus in the 1st house; Moon-Mercury in Sagittarius on the 3rd-house cusp) but between activities I feel more rested, and more able to focus. Something new from yesterday was that I worked on two books in progress in one day, which is not my norm. As I sat and had some still moments at different points I had thoughts about notes to add to a few sections of each book and did them in turn. Usually a book for me is like a particular radio station I need to listen to until I’m done with it and then I can move on. What’s happening now is definitely more interesting.

Feedback from others is beginning to come in from listeners and participants to the call. The one that begins this post is from a woman in Switzerland who heard the MP3 after the event. I love hearing what people experience and encourage those who get the MP3 to contact me with feedback as well as with any questions about what comes up or goes down during and after their hearing of the MP3.

I’m happy to be able to offer work that helps people shift from the inside out, clearing from their fields what holds them back or makes them feel small or deserving of feeling small.

You can get the MP3 for yourself including the prep instructions and a brief MP3 I recorded after the event to let people know about possible short-term physical adjustments that might occur. It’s powerful stuff that puts you in touch with your power as an energetic being, which we all are. Djehuty and Metatron are all about supporting our evolution, which means putting us in touch with our true strength as portions of All That Is exploring what it means and costs to be human.