The Lilith Intensive begins January 14, 2014

lilithintensiveFor 6 weeks I’ll take 6 students deeply into the terrain of Lilith in their birth charts specifically as well as Lilith in charts in general. It’s a telecourse so is open to people all over.

This archetype is misunderstood and yet we crave knowing Lilith within us. Life on Earth for the last 6,000 years has been an experiment in diminishing the feminine in all its forms. Lilith is a feminine archetype that’s been demonized in order to inspire fear in people – to keep them from knowing and accepting this part of the self.

If you know and accept Lilith then you love your body, the Earth, women, and the cycles of nature including weather in all its forms. If you do this you know and trust your instinct and allow it to guide you, making you uninterested in and not afraid of fear-inducing rhetoric and dogma.

We’re in a global reawakening of the relevance and import of the natural feminine in all its forms. Participating in this renaissance requires unplugging from the fear-based status quo. In the Lilith Intensive I’ll teach you how to do this for yourself and to work with others ready to do it for themselves.

This work has been central to my practice longer than any other archetype and now I’m making a focused effort to spread the word. In 2008 I wrote the True Black Moon Lilith Natal Report and in 2012 published the book Lilith: Healing the Wild. The response to each has been more than I ever expected as people are finally getting a life-affirming, positive, useful, and practical approach this maligned archetype. I’m told repeatedly that my work is the only truly positive take on Lilith, giving people real and useful – with no fear-mongering – insights into how to work with this part of the self.

Contact me at (213) 925-6019 with any questions about the Lilith Intensive and to sign up. By taking it you’ll have the chance to transform your relationship with instinct and learn to move forward in your life with a new level of strength from rewriting your history as Lilith in this life.