New video excerpt on Sun & Mercury in Aquarius & Mercury rx

Last night the Sun entered Aquarius for its annual trip through the sign of innovation, freedom, and objectivity.

Below is a new 6-minute video excerpted from a 39-minute video available to subscribers to

It’s not enough to know what transits are coming – you need to know what to do with and about them. The energies in play are asking you to respond, shift, and change. The entire human game is about this and learning to interpret astrological happenings in a positive, life-affirming way determines in large part how we experience what comes to us.

The subscription service gives me a chance to explain in detail what to do with new and full moons, major aspect patterns including the current cardinal grand cross, planets entering new signs, retrogrades, and other topics. Last month subscribers received 74 minutes of video and this month all who sign up receive 70 minutes.

Additionally, a channeled meditation (approx. 15 minutes – last month’s was 17) is provided related to a theme covered in the videos. Each month I also host a conference call for subscribers to pick my brain about astrology questions, current events in terms of astrology or spirituality, meditation, healing, and just about anything else that doesn’t require looking at their birth charts.

Read about the subscription service and all the perks available here. I’m getting great feedback from subscribers, including from Lynne in Canada on first month’s materials:

I just watched the four videos from Month 1 of the subscription service. The information you discussed was exactly what I needed to hear, and what I know I have to do but have been putting it off. It’s definitely time to say something I need to say, but have been putting if off, because of fear of how it might affect others. Thanks so much Tom for reminding me what I have to do!!! I knew there was a very important reason why I joined the Evolutionary Astrology yearly subscription !!!!!