Wednesday, 29Jan14 on The Soul’s Journey: Author Rob Fournier

rob 005-sqcrop-15x15This Wednesday, 1/29/14, I’ll welcome Rob Fournier to the show to discuss his new book.

The Process: Soul’s Journey to Oneness is an exploration of his life in terms of early and past-life memories. It relays what he has learned from going deep within his own emotional depths and how he has consciously chosen to change his life based on what he found.

We’ll talk about the emotional reality of being a human living on Earth, how memories and beliefs shape us, and how choosing to be aware of conditioning can open the door to circumvent it, connecting us to our nature as divine beings playing at being human. We are not the energetic and emotional climate and weather into which we are born – those are simply tools of the souls involved to give us a particular sort of baseline identity in any given life.

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