Saturday, 15Feb14: Transforming Depression & Anxiety channeling event

xformdepressionOn Saturday, February 15, 2014 I’ll channel Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron for a special event to transform the emotional and energetic sources of depression and anxiety. Registration open until the end of Friday, 14Feb14.

Recently I sat down with the two beings and they offered a message to share with you:

We’ve created for ourselves and live in a world that does a few key things that lead to emotional imbalance. One is that many never learn to feel at home in life – we don’t feel safe and secure, and we don’t learn to manifest in positive ways nearly as often as we do from fear. If we don’t know that we are safe then we will manifest apparent reasons to be unhappy, unfulfilled, and on edge, and then interpret these manifestations as support for our fears that created them. Another is that we are taught to be productive at almost all costs.

Read the rest in the event listing – you can register from that page, as well. If you can’t make the event register anyway. You’ll receive the MP3 afterward and listening to it will provide amazing effects just as if you were on the call. The vibration of the two beings will be captured in my voice on the recording, enabling you to access them no matter when you hear it.

All 3 of us hope you can join in! The changes that unfold for people who participate in these events is no less than inspiring.