Lilith Intensive MP3s now available

lilithintensiveThe in-depth, 7+-hours exploration of Lilith is now available!

These MP3s are a series of conversations about Lilith between me and my colleague and friend Evolutionary Astrologer Marina Ormes, bringing to life the material in the popular book Lilith: Healing the Wild and extending it.

The Lilith archetype captures the attention and imagination of many. We all want to know that it’s okay to accept the feminine even as what’s uncontrollable vexes the patriarchal status quo. In my mind the popularity of my life-affirming approach to Lilith stems from people’s desire to validate the natural feminine as it exists within them. So many people are walking away from the disempowering conditioning of family and society to embrace the natural wild as it exists within.

This MP3 set has a ton to offer even if you haven’t read the book. If you have read it, these audio files will bring the book to life in a conversational way. Certain explanations and connections between them are in these files and not in the book because these conversations on Lilith flow and turn back on themselves, revealing more contours and depth than a linear narrative as a book can.

I rarely remember to mention this to people but the information on the Lilith myth and archetype that I turned into an astrology teaching was channeled from Archangel Metatron almost a decade ago. One of his faces (ways of showing himself and “radio stations” over which he broadcasts in order to come through me) is as a guide of mine who gave me the straight story. So the resonance of these teachings are in fact rooted in the wisdom of a archangel – very powerful! People all over the world respond to the way I work with Lilith – this MP3 set takes all of it to the next level by making it real for you.

I’m excited to make these available! The preview price is $45 – good until the end of March. After that these over 7 hours of MP3s go to $60.

Read about the themes and material covered and order here.