We’re learning about the power of the energies we vibrate.


We’re energetic beings, not bodies with minds or minds with bodies as we’ve been taught. All that occurs in our lives does so because we are vibrating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. What happens to and comes to us results from these vibrations. Conscious Living, Conscious Dying is the new channeled book from Ascended Master Djehuty that I’m releasing as a PDF e-book tomorrow (and Kindle and Amazon 05Apr14).

From the new book on what we vibrate:

“When people live in their minds (which are often self-appointed dictators for life), they may come to interpret their choices as meaningful in terms of the factual outcomes of the decisions they make, failing to realize that motivation matters. Your soul is observing and is interested much more in why you choose than what you choose. Your motivation is everything! Why you do something is more important than the thing being done.

“This is a way of saying that the results of choices are, in fact, determined less by the facts in play than the energies in play as the situation unfolds. What you-as-soul are really learning is not about the logic, facts, and details that go into making decisions and choices … you are learning about progressing from choosing and deciding from a motivation of fear to one of love. It is all about the vibration you are emitting.”

I’m excited to get this material to you! It answers a lot of questions clients come to me with regarding life, death, and soul. It’s full of concise explanations of these three often misunderstood areas of human experience.

The PDF e-book will be available tomorrow morning, 26Mar14, here.