4 Channeled Books Now in Large Print Editions

From mid-2010 to mid-2011 a lot of my time and energy went to opening myself as a channel to bring through a number of messages from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Some were spoken and some were typed, yet at the end of this busy time I had 4 separate books by Djehuty that I self-published.

After I finished the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, I formatted the first 4 books as large print editions. It feels important to me to make these important messages available to as many people as possible. The new title will be released as a large print edition soon.

Now each of the first 4 teachings are available as paperbacks via Amazon and my site. Here are cover photos and descriptions of  each. Click on an image to go to that book’s Amazon page.

Approaching Love large print coverApproaching Love is a primer on how we can change our conception of love in order to grow into a deeper connection with our true spiritual nature as divine beings living human lives. Karma with others, love and self-love, relationships, marriage, and our relationships with children, and our relationships with animals as food and pets are covered.



uldcoverUnderstanding Loss and Death explains from the perspective of soul the purpose of our important relationships and how to learn to deal with loss when it occurs. Early deaths, the deaths of children, loss related to adoption on both sides, abortion and miscarriage, and murder and genocide are explored to help us see these parts of life through new eyes.



Goddess Past, Present, and Future coverGoddess Past, Present, and Future reveals the reason that humans began living through the lens of patriarchy that we’re struggling to understand and change today. Its genesis is clearly explained as are ways that each individual can begin to transition out of the patriarchy and integrate the natural, divine feminine in daily life. Included are sections on the purpose of marriage, the source of sexual violence and how to heal it, and numerous insights into undoing patriarchal thinking with compassion and acceptance.


crcoverConscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond is Djehuty’s set of 5 teachings to help us step into our power as divine beings having human experiences. How to understand and work with intuition and spirit guides, manifestation and creation, understanding and working with past lives, and turning fear into faith are covered.