The channeled e-book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying on sale

clcdcoverFrom recent reader reviews of this important new book covering the purpose of human life, how to understand soul, and how to live a meaningful life now so death is less a mystery and less traumatic:

I recommend this product to all those that are looking for wisdom on the meaning of life. It’s new in the way that it is complete; its wisdom makes sense of the older books: the Seth books, the Ra material, the Bible. I have enjoyed all the author’s books.
And another:
I believe that Ascended Master Djehuty’s books are the best resource I have for understanding as much as I can about the nature of All That Is and why All That Is chose to manifest itself is this grand experiment of the Universe.
This book is a valuable tool for all who seek Truth. It has important sections on life, living, being, loving, death, and what happens after death. It is spoken from a perspective of Love. It is clearly worded and easily grasped. It does not burden the reader with esoteric gibberish. There is no babble here. It is straight to the point.
Read more and get this e-book in the Kindle store today for $1.99 – the price over the next few days edges back up to $5 on a Kindle countdown deal. It’s on Amazon and available through my site, too, if you’re into paper.