Activating and Rebalancing the 2nd Chakra

brjThe first round of brecciated red jasper crystals have now been charged in two rounds. Going through that process as the channel, my 2nd chakra is now activated in various ways. This post is intended to summarize what I’m experiencing now so those interested in a charged piece of this stone can have some idea of what to expect. Each person will have a unique experience, but there are some tips and tricks I’ll share here that are universal.

1. For a few years, I’ve been dealing with a publisher that’s blown off the contract they signed with me to publish and distribute a work of mine. The last two communications from me were ignored, and I’ve been pretty angry at times over the last about 2.5 years. After charging the brecciated red jasper for the 2nd time, I suddenly had clarity that I need to take legal action. Previously, I dreaded the thought and got entirely stressed out over potential details of that kind of process. “I’m not the kind of person who takes others to court,” I kept thinking, which made me stew in my anger and frustration over the situation. And, really, I’m not a litigious person, but in this instance, legal action needs to be taken.

2. This morning I woke from a dream wherein careless idiots had run through the park I and my friends were in, launching at us and pelting us with all these little white balls. I was angry and so gathered up a bunch and pelted them back. Their response was, “Hey, what’s the big idea?!” As though they had the right to be jerks but no one else did. I grounded the light annoyance and went to my office to do some website updates. Outside was a barking dog, going nonstop for about a half hour – I started in my office at 6 am. At 6:55 am, a pack of men doing some kind of weekend fitness boot camp jogged by across the wash/river, chanting as do jogging military types to keep rhythm. Which was way too loud before 7 am. This also was extremely annoying, and I had to stop part of me from going out there and doing something to make their lives hard and uncomfortable. I did decide to call the person or group running it (easy to find on the web, I’m sure), and tell him/her/them that my wife and baby were awakened before 7 am by their shouting and that it’s just not cool. Yes, part of me is willing to lie to make them feel like crap. Who knows if my fake baby will make it to the phone call.

3. A business person I work with on an ongoing basis, who invoices me for services monthly, has for as long as I’ve worked with him asked me to pay my invoice early. The agreement is for min-month and at least 80% of the time asks this in the first couple of days of the month. It’s annoying, and I’ve held onto that annoyance for over a year and a half. Yesterday I e-mailed him to say that asking for that all the time reflects that something in the way he runs his business isn’t working, and that it’s a turn-off working with someone who gives off that energy. I wrote that I’m no longer available to be asked to pay the invoice early – that I will do so when it’s due or, if convenient for me, earlier. I didn’t say it this way, but it’s the energy of desperation or hustling that comes through when he asks almost each month for me to pay it early. Though I did include that it’s an indication that he’s not doing business in a grounded way. He replied by saying that the automatic reminders that happen two days before were preset and he’d take me off that auto list, entirely missing the point my first e-mail contained about the energy he’s bringing me (and, likely others). It’s okay that he didn’t respond to most of what I sent him – I needed to say it and if he can’t hear it or doesn’t agree, it’s fine. But it’s the kind of thing that I choose not to experience, and it’s possible I’ll take my business elsewhere if that keeps being sent by him to me in our interactions.

Before, all these things caused a lot of stress. Now I feel that I have to make a decision about how to respond or what I need to do next to make my life better. It’s a huge shift, actually.

The 2nd chakra relates to what we share and create with others, our willingness and openness to give and receive, and how we see ourselves in terms of others. It does relate to contracts with others and what’s fair or not so fair. It also is about getting a response from others. And, of course, money, sexuality/sex, and personal creativity.

When you get a charged red brecciated jasper crystal from me, expect whatever is out of balance in your 2nd chakra to be activated. The channeled free 33-page PDF on these stones and healing the effects of sexual abuse focuses on just a couple areas of life related to the 2nd chakra, and this is explained in the opening of the channeled message from Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron. But when you get a stone, money, relationships, fairness, how you represent and reveal yourself to others and they to you, and numerous other things will be activated so you can heal and release them in a grounded way.

Much attention in that PDF is given to effectively dealing with anger and the pain that is behind it (all anger covers over and is a response to pain, by the way – really good for all of us to know!), which can be thought of as a user’s manual of sorts for those who have any kind of sexual issue in their earlier or present life that needs attention, understanding, release, and healing.

Also free now is the 100-page channeled e-book Goddess Past, Present, and Future, and I highly recommend that you read that, too, whether you know you want a charged stone or not. It describes the need of All That Is to create patriarchy – a collective, Divine need to learn about being imbalanced and confused about who we really are – and how individuals can day-by-day come out of it now.

I’ll announce here and elsewhere when the first charged red brecciated jasper stones are available. In the mean time, I’ll be grounding my responses to all kinds of things in my world, allowing my 2nd chakra to come into a new kind of balance. It’s an exciting time for that to happen – most of my life I’ve felt that I can’t speak up and say “no” to certain things, including the kinds of situations described above. But now more than ever, I see that things can be changed for the better.